Vivo’s latest dual-mode 5g terminal x30 series mobile phone was officially released in Guilin, Guangxi. As the latest flagship product of vivo X series, x30 Pro positioning professional image flagship, equipped with 60x super zoom system, can present professional telescopic images for users. In addition, vivo x30 series is also committed to building 5g flagship, equipped with exynos 980 chip jointly developed with Samsung, and supports SA & NSA dual networking mode.

Dual mode 5g AI chips enjoy fast network

For a long time, vivo’s achievements in 5g have been obvious to all, thanks to vivo’s strong R & D strength and production strength. From the perspective of users, vivo and Samsung jointly developed exynos 980 dual-mode 5g AI chip, took the lead in carrying it on x30 pro, and supported SA & NSA dual networking at the same time.

Qin Fei, general manager of vivo Communication Research Institute, once pointed out that terminal and application manufacturers should pay more attention to the 5g of “buyer version” and what real experience the coverage edge of the community can achieve.

Based on this thinking, vivo innovatively developed the SA dual transmitter design technology: in the area with normal signal, x30 Pro can realize dual channel signal transmission, and the uplink speed is 100% higher than that of SA single transmitter; In the weak signal area, the two channels combine to send the signal flow, and the uplink speed is increased to an amazing 200%, so as to truly achieve a smooth 5g high rate without fear of scene restrictions.

Moreover, x30 Pro also adopts patented technologies such as antenna decoupling technology and side distributed antenna technology, which can improve sky linearity, overcome interference between antennas and reduce signal attenuation by human body.

Four shots to build a new professional imaging system

After less than 5 minutes of 5g introduction, enter the topic of this press conference. As the flagship of professional imaging, vivo x30 Pro adopts a new four camera lens combination. Among them, the 13 million pixel 5x periscope telephoto lens obtains the same viewing angle as the full frame SLR 135mm lens through the special structure and optical prism.

It is understood that with the support of the super division algorithm independently developed by vivo, x30 Pro can improve the picture magnification of periscope telephoto lens to 60 times of the current industry-leading. At the same time, vivo x30 Pro supports OIS optical anti shake, which can greatly reduce the 60x super zoom jitter.

In portrait photography, in order to meet the shooting needs of different users for exquisite portrait photos, vivo reconstructed the portrait system and customized a professional standard lens with flagship configurations such as 50mm equivalent focal length, 1 / 2.8-inch photosensitive element, 32 million pixels, f2.0 aperture and 6p lens for x30 pro, combined with the new backlight Hyper HDR technology, It can not only greatly improve the image quality of the portrait in dark light, but also locally improve the dynamic range for the portrait backlight scene.

At the same time, vivo x30 Pro also adds the human eye focusing function configured by the professional camera to accurately detect the shooting subject. Even if the picture is temporarily blocked and the characters move around, it can easily lock the picture shooting, quickly lock the eye focusing, and improve the success rate of portrait photography.

Aesthetic design is upgraded again

As we all know, vivo’s X series has always been fashionable. This time, on x30 pro, this fashionable aesthetic design has been comprehensively upgraded again. X30 Pro draws inspiration from nature in appearance and creates excellent appearance design based on the concept of imagination and freedom.

At the same time, in order to maintain the ultimate experience of a comprehensive screen, the aperture size of the perforated screen of x30 Pro is only 2.98mm. The tiny screen opening makes the visual effect of x30 Pro more complete and the user’s senses more complete. In terms of appearance color matching, x30 Pro provides three color options: Obsidian, Mithril and Fei cloud.

Vivo x30 series 5g flagship mobile phones are equipped with the off-screen optical fingerprint scheme provided by huiding technology. The scheme adopts a large wide-angle optical path design to obtain a wider range of fingerprint images; In addition, it greatly improves the unlocking experience of difficult people such as thin and shallow fingerprints, dry fingers and low temperature conditions. It also supports face unlocking.

New visual debut of funtouch OS 10

At the same time, in order to create a more efficient, intelligent and simple operating system, vivo x30 series will comprehensively upgrade the system and bring consumers a new funtouch OS 10 system. Based on the principle of “universality, ease of use and comfort”, funtouch OS 10 also has a unified design for the visual UI. By de stylizing the icons, it makes the visual effect simpler and helps users obtain information efficiently.

It should be pointed out that the new funtouch OS 10 starts with the underlying system, forms the latest multi turbo 2.5 multi turbine acceleration engine by comprehensively enhancing multi turbo technology, cooperates with the underlying process real-time monitoring technology, and uses the super engine to help the mobile phone restore high performance and improve the fluency of the system. It is reported that the number of users of vivo’s multi turbo has exceeded 250 million.

It is reported that the adaptation plan of funtouch OS 10 will start in February 2020, and most models are listed. The first batch of adaptive models: nex 3, nex 3 5g, x27, x27 pro, x27 8 + 128GB version, nex, nex off screen fingerprint version, nex flagship version, nex dual screen version, S5; The second batch of adaptive models: Z5, z5i, z5x, S1, s1pro; The third batch of adaptive models: x21s, x23, x23 phantom version, Z3, z3i, z3i Standard Version.

Finally, in terms of price, vivo x30 Pro provides two configurations: 8g + 128G and 8g + 256g. The prices correspond to 3998 yuan and 4298 yuan respectively. The x30 released at the same time provides 8g + 128G and 8g + 256g configurations, with prices corresponding to 3298 yuan and 3598 yuan respectively.

It was also announced at the press conference that on December 16, vivo x30 series mobile phones will be pre sold simultaneously on vivo official website, vivo Jingdong self operated official flagship store, JD vivo official flagship store, tmall vivo official flagship store, vivo Suning self operated flagship store, vivo experience store exclusive store, Dixon and other online and offline channels; On December 24, vivo x30 Pro 8g + 128G was officially put on sale; On December 28, vivo x30 Pro 8g + 256g and vivo x30 8g + 128G were officially put on sale.  

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