Today, YouTube selected and forwarded a YouTube video by Mark Harrison, an overseas photographer. The video content is based on vivo x30   Pro’s 60x super zoom function completes a telepresence relay between London’s landmark buildings, and @ mark Harrison also released a group of photos on INS, also by x30   Pro shooting completed.

Vivo x30 Pro function exposure supports OIS optical anti shake and 60x super zoom function

After mark Harrison assembled with his teammates from London Bridge, his yellow clad companion took 20 minutes to walk to London Tower Bridge. When he opened vivo   After the 60x super zoom function of x30 pro, I found my teammates easily and left a group photo with London characteristic red double decker bus. Similarly, the clock out of different landmarks, such as the tower of London and London eye, is completed in succession in the video, and the portrait photos are taken with the unique 50mm standard portrait lens of vivo x30 pro.

Vivo x30 Pro function exposure supports OIS optical anti shake and 60x super zoom function

The 60x super zoom function of vivo x30 Pro is realized with the help of the super sub algorithm independently developed by vivo. It can increase the magnification of the periscope lens to 60x, which is the leading one in the industry. The x30 pro with 10x hybrid zoom and 60x digital zoom can greatly broaden the photographer’s vision. It has ultra wide angle, long focus and medium focus. The users of vivo x30 Pro have “golden position” in every shot. At the same time, vivo x30 Pro supports OIS optical anti shake, which can greatly reduce 60 times super zoom jitter.

In addition to 60 times super zoom function, vivo x30 Pro also integrates 50 mm standard portrait lens, and through specific optimization, makes the portrait photos more beautiful: sharp in focus, cream out of focus, just like air cutting machine. From the portrait sample given by Mark Harrison, we can see that the 50mm portrait lens mode of vivo x30 Pro can really achieve good shooting effect, which is another breakthrough of vivo in the portrait field after self shooting.

Vivo x30 Pro function exposure supports OIS optical anti shake and 60x super zoom function

In addition, vivo x30 Pro also supports multi lens fusion technology. Through the cooperation of multiple lenses, the imaging of different lenses can be fused in the same picture, so as to achieve better picture effect, and realize the continuous smooth zoom of 2X-4. X and other users. In addition, vivo x30 Pro also supports dual-mode 5g network. In 2020, even for a long time, such a configuration will be a powerful and powerful 5g flagship mobile phone.

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