On February 23, the 2021 world mobile communication conference (MWC) Shanghai Exhibition opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Vivo conducted a live dynamic display of 5g + 8K ultra-high definition video in the 5g millimeter wave special area of the conference. The exhibition was jointly organized by Qualcomm and China Unicom’s partners, including gs39 and Shanghai Unicom.

The 5g + 8K dynamic display conducted by vivo will transmit the 8K ultra-high definition video content on the video server through the channel established by the on-site 5g millimeter wave base station air interface network and vivo mobile phone, and then the mobile phone will wirelessly project the ultra-high definition video to 8K TV for online playback. The vivo mobile terminal for on-site display supports multiple 5g sub-6ghz and millimeter wave bands (n257 / 258 / 260 / 261) at the same time, and adopts NSA en-dc dual connection mode.

Compared with the frequency band below 6GHz, millimeter wave has the unique advantages of larger bandwidth, lower air port delay and flexible air port configuration, which can effectively meet the requirements of future wireless communication system capacity, transmission rate and differentiated applications. The high and low frequency hybrid network combining low frequency band and millimeter wave band will become the basic architecture of 5g mobile communication system. Vivo 5g team started the pre research of millimeter wave core key technologies in 2016, fully and deeply participated in 3GPP R15 / R16 millimeter wave standardization, and made important contributions to 5g millimeter wave technical standards.

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