At the vivo x30 series press conference last night, vivo officially released funtouch OS 10, which was launched by vivo   X30 series is launched to bring users a better use experience. Of course, other vivo models also have the opportunity to update this system. At the press conference, vivo announced the funtouch OS 10 adaptation plan.

Funtouch OS 10 Desktop Icon

Funtouch OS 10 brings a new desktop icon, screen display effect and the industry’s first handwritten custom font; Add a new gesture 1 + 5 function, slide and select after side sliding, and you can quickly jump in five applications in one step. There is also the function of collecting magnetic nails. The content you want to see is collected on the side of the interface and can be called out at any time; More intimate Jovi voice assistant, prompt to bring an umbrella and provide car Hailing service. Even when you arrive at the subway entrance, Jovi also prepares the bus code for you.

Funtouch OS 10 currently available

Then the question comes. Which mobile phones are expected to update funtouch OS 10? The system will be updated in batches, and the first batch of models will be tested in Q1 2020, including nex   3、NEX 3   5g, nex, nex off screen fingerprint, nex s flagship, nex dual screen, x27, x27 8GB + 128GB, x27 pro, S5; The second batch of models covers Z5, z5i, z5x, S1 and S1 Pro; The third batch of models include x21s, x23, x23 magic color version, Z3, z3i and z3i Standard Version.

It is worth noting that vivo will continue to update the adaptive models in the later stage. Please look forward to it.

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