According to the work instructions of the "Guangdong Province 5G Base Station and Smart Pole Construction Plan (2019-2022)" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, various urban areas are actively exploring the construction and operation mode of smart light poles, the integration method of related functions, And combined with 5G base stations to study the layout of smart towers, etc. Among them, Guangzhou Guanggang New City was selected as one of the pilot projects of smart light poles.

In April of this year, together with Guangzhou Information Co., Ltd., Shijue Guangxu Smart Light Pole Screen completed the installation project in front of Liwan Primary School Affiliated to South China Normal University in Guanggang New City. The project adopts the WL pilot series LED light pole screen, the screen size is 500*1000mm, and it is installed on the side of the non-motorized vehicle lane.

"Sensing, transmitting, knowing, and using" are the four essential elements for the development of smart cities. Vision WL series pilot smart light pole screen flexibly exerts the skills endowed by innovative technology, traffic indication, weather monitoring, emergency response, real-time monitoring, information release, advertising, etc., and can provide personalized display services in combination with the characteristic needs of the surrounding campus . As a product that is convenient and beneficial to the people, the smart light pole screen plays a powerful "complex" role:

traffic instructions

During peak traffic hours, the light pole screen can provide citizens with real-time and convenient traffic information, effectively divert people and vehicles around the campus, and escort the travel of students and parents;

Information Release

In terms of public information release, wider population coverage can be achieved in a shorter period of time;

real-time sensing

At the same time, real-time sensing plays an important role in environmental monitoring and emergency response.

The smart light pole screen is not only the integration of functions, but also the interconnection between platforms and the co-construction and sharing of functional data. Two-way information transmission, smart light pole screen is endowed with more value and mission, greatly improving the level of urban informatization services.

In the era of the Internet of Everything, combined with wireless WiFi technology, power carrier IoT technology and sensing technology, the smart light pole has realized a multi-purpose function. interactive terminal.

From the early water testing project to the current multi-site batch-type smart light pole projects, the construction of smart light poles has become one of the key points of the city's new public facilities construction projects, and the construction "progress bar" is being accelerated from many aspects.

At present, Visionox's leading smart light pole screen products can be seen everywhere in major commercial centers, transportation fortresses, and municipal engineering projects in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The industrial dividend has exploded, and the value of science and technology has been continuously highlighted. As a development goal, Shijue Guangxu aims to create products that are lighter, more energy-saving, smarter, more beautiful, and more advantageous in market development. It leads the new development of smart cities with quality and innovative technology, and contributes to accelerating the construction of smart cities in China.


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