-Johnson Matthey, with the world’s leading sustainable development technology, has reached technical cooperation with carbon neutral vision virgin

-Johnson Matthey will develop the world’s first two seater electric racing car with vision virgin by using its advanced nickel rich battery material elno

-The two sides will jointly create a cleaner and healthier world through a series of sustainable development projects with the theme of “winning the competition against climate change”

Today, vision virgin officially announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Johnson Matthey. Headquartered in the UK, Johnson Matthey is a listed company in the FTSE 100 index. Johnson Matthey is committed to creating a cleaner and healthier world through its world leading sustainable development technologies, especially cathode material technology.

Johnson Matthey will become the official partner of vision virgin. In a series of sustainable development projects with the theme of “winning the race against climate change”, the two sides will work together to tackle global climate change and accelerate the transformation of zero emission vehicles.

In addition, Johnson Matthey will develop the world’s first two seater electric racing car with vision virgin by using its advanced nickel rich battery material elno. Elno? Is a series of advanced nickel rich cathode materials specially designed and developed by Johnson Matthey for automotive battery applications, which can provide high energy density and guarantee excellent battery cycle life. Through close technical cooperation, the two sides will jointly build a workable two seater electric racing car in Silverstone, UK, where vision virgin’s headquarters is located.

Vision virgin is one of the first teams to join the world formula electric championship of FIA, and its owner is vision technology group, a leading green technology enterprise in the world. So far, vision virgin team has won 11 Championships and 29 podiums. It is also the only team to win the championship every season. The team has also made remarkable achievements outside the competition: it is the only team that has obtained the carbon neutral certification (pas2060) issued by the UK carbon trust, one of the few teams that have obtained the three-star sustainable development certification issued by the International Automobile Association, and the first team that has signed the UNFCCC framework for action on sport for climate. In addition, vision virgin recently announced that it will become the official partner of the project “to get the earth for our planet” of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (cop26) to encourage the public to actively respond to global climate change.

The vision group of Viking fleet, the vision technology group, joined the RE100 global initiative in 2019 and became the first Chinese mainland company to commit to 100% green electricity consumption in 2025. AESC is a leading power battery technology company in the world. Vision is committed to become a zero carbon technology partner of global leading enterprises and institutions through scientific and technological innovation in the fields of intelligent wind power, power battery and energy storage, and intelligent Internet of things, so as to help customers accelerate the clean and digital transformation and achieve the zero carbon goal.

Zhang Lei, chief executive of vision technology group, said: “vision technology group, vision virgin and Johnson Matthey are all the leading forces driving the electric vehicle revolution. As a global leader in the field of sustainable development technology, Johnson Matthey’s vision fits perfectly with its vision of zero carbon. We are looking forward to working with Johnson Matthey to jointly solve the challenges of global climate change. “

“Our vision is to create a cleaner and healthier world for the present and future of mankind,” said Robert MacLeod, chief executive of Johnson Matthey. It’s a great honor to cooperate with vision technology group and vision virgin team. It is an important milestone for the commercialization of the technology to build the first electric racing car with elno technology. At the same time, we can also work together to inspire people to take positive actions to protect our planet through the vision virgin team’s “win the race against climate change” series

The seventh season of the formula electric world championship will be rekindled in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on February 26.

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