The precision resistor adopts two dimensions of 1206 and 2512. The TCR is as low as ± 25 ppm / ° C and the accuracy is ± 0.1%

Pennsylvania, Malvern – September 15, 2021 – a few days ago, Vishay intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE Stock Code: VSH) launched a new series of high-power thin film surround patch resistors – PHPA series certified by aec-q200. Vishay Dale thin film PHPA series resistors have two overall dimensions of 1206 and 2512, and the rated power is 1.0 W and 2.5 w respectively. The self passivated tantalum nitride resistance film technology with excellent moisture resistance is adopted.

In addition to industrial test and measurement equipment, the recently released devices can also be used in automotive power supply, braking system, on-board charger and motor deflection circuit. The resistor has high rated power, absolute TCR as low as ± 25 ppm / ° C and accuracy of ± 0.1%, which can meet the precision performance requirements of the above applications.

The resistance range of PHPA series devices is 10 w to 30.1 kW, the device noise is less than – 30 dB, the voltage coefficient is less than 0.1 ppm / V, and the working voltage is 200 v. The resistor adopts high-purity ceramic substrate, and the back is designed with an enlarged pad to reduce the thermal resistance between the top resistor layer and the PCB solder joint.

The device complies with ROHS standard, halogen-free, and the flame retardant reaches UL 94 V-0. The operating temperature of the device is – 55 ° C to + 155 ° C.

Samples of PHPA series resistors are now available. Mass produced products are supplied through agents, and the supply cycle is 10 to 12 weeks.

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