Vishay launches modelithics broadband microwave global models ™, The operating frequency of CH series microwave resistor is extended to 70ghz.

Pennsylvania, Malvern – November 25, 2020 – Vishay intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE Stock Code: VSH) announced the launch of new broadband micro wave global models ™, Vishaysfernicech series resistors with dimensions of 02016, 0402 and 0603 respectively. The new device is suitable for modelithics complex library ™ And mmwave and 5g model library.

The measurement based model of modelithics has the ability of component value, substrate and pad expansion. It is verified that the frequency can reach 67ghz, and the parasitic effect can be accurately predicted according to the model parameter setting, which is very suitable for high frequency applications.

Modelithics model library is seamlessly integrated with popular EDA tools, including pathwave advanced design system (ads) of keysight technologies, pathwave RF synthesis software (Genesys) of keysight technologies and cadence ® AWRDesignEnvironment ®、 CadenceVirtuosoSpectre ® RF、Ansys ® HFSS ™ And sonnet ® Suites ™。 As a sponsor supplier partner of modelithics, Vishay customers can try Vishay data for 90 days free in modelithics component model library.

The unique feature of CH series microwave resistor is that its frequency is up to 50GHz. 02016 size device resistance of 50W to 100W, up to 70ghz frequency. This capability makes ch series devices a unique choice for high frequency requirements, such as the next generation of millimeter wave 5g networks and radar applications.

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