The radial fixed ihvr-4024ke-51 inductor is packaged in 4024 ultra-thin package. The DCR is 50% lower than the general power inductor, and the circuit board space is saved.

Recently released inductor operating temperature up to + 155 ℃ ° C. It is suitable for energy storage of DC / DC converter with frequency up to 5MHz. The inductor has excellent noise attenuation performance in high current filtering applications within the self resonant frequency (SRF) range. Ihvr-4024ke-51 applications include server and desktop PC, high current load point (POL) converter, multiphase high current power supply, battery powered equipment, distributed power system and FPGA.

The lead-free (PB) shielding composite structure is adopted in the lead-free package of inductor, which can reduce the buzzer noise to ultra-low level and meet the ROHS standard. It has high thermal shock resistance, moisture resistance and mechanical vibration resistance, and can handle high transient current peaks without saturation.

Device specification sheet:

Product model IHVR-4024KE-51
Dimensions four thousand and twenty-four
Inductance at 100kHz( μ H) zero point one two
twenty-five ° DCR (M Ω) zero point two four
Typical value of saturation current (a) ninety-oneone; one hundred and thirtytwo
SRF typical value (MHz) one hundred and twelve

oneDC current (a) causes l0 to drop by about 20%

twoDC current (a) causes l0 to decrease by about 30%

Ihvr-4024ke-51 can now provide samples and has achieved mass production. The supply cycle of bulk order is 12 weeks.

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