Bristol’s VR star is one of hundreds of virtual reality games in the UK. They reflect the global vrcades trend emerging in the United States, Japan, South Korea and China. At present, there are 380 such dedicated sites operating all over the world.

The driving simulator in VR star Bristol takes the experience to a new level through motion sensors and high fidelity sound. 360 degree visual effect and depth of field have another dimension. The experience developed by dreamscape immersive in Los Angeles even uses wind turbines to increase the feeling of movement. Martin Higginson, executive chairman of British developer immotion, said: “in order to obtain a complete experience, VR needs all-round linkage of vision, sound and action. VR will become an important component of outdoor experience in a few years.”

Virtual reality will become an important part of outdoor experience

Before Christmas, immotion announced an investment of £ 1.3 million to launch platforms in Europe and the United States. ImmoTIon plans to run its own games after acquiring Manchester based animation company Studio Liddell last year.

Higginson said, “what you see and experience now is like the early stage of computer games. But the current situation will improve rapidly. These games are 2K resolution, but soon we will run 4K, which will process faster and render better. We will take you over Serengeti by Jurassic cruise ship or helicopter.” Devi kolli, head of aisolve, a VR equipment company, said: “If shopping malls do not adopt cutting-edge technology transformation, they cannot survive. By investing in a new generation of virtual reality technology, existing shopping malls may become game destinations again, but they will have to compete with special spaces such as VR star.”

Jeremy Dalton, PwC VR consultant, said that the complexity of VR experience provides an ideal opportunity for shopping malls. It is estimated that the four types of lbvr with an annual cost of US $299 million in 2018 are classified as shopping malls, multiplayer experience, VR cinemas and VR theme parks. Among all four categories, vrcades has the fastest growth rate. In 2017, this category of consumer spending was estimated at $79 million, accounting for 40% of all lbvr revenue.

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