Virtual reality (VR) continues to be used in many different applications. The integrated manufacturing group (IMG) team from the advanced manufacturing research center (AMRC) of Sheffield University collaborated with Clarks vehicle conversion in Doncaster to show how to apply VR technology to their vehicle conversion design phase.

VR plays a role in how to improve its productivity and shorten the turnaround time of designing and producing vehicles for customers. Clarks vehicle conversions (CVC) is famous for working on welfare vehicles, lifestyle vehicles and crew vehicles to ensure that they can be assembled accordingly. Some of its customers include national rail, enterprise and lex autolease.

Virtual reality plays an important role in developing customized vehicles

CVC’s current workflow is to build physical prototypes for their teams of assemblers, electricians, engineers, mechanics and designers to show customers what they can do for the work. After approval after several changes, work can start from the final product. By using VR, the company will be able to adopt this prototype phase and deal with all this in an immersive 3D space. This will provide customers with the same level of detail and practical experience as reviewing real-world models, but will reduce production time and costs.

The company reported that the use of VR technology could reduce the turnaround time of “order manufacturing” from about 6 weeks to 30 minutes, assuming the use of appropriate tools. Matt bacon, project manager of small and medium-sized enterprises of img, said: “CVC knows that they want to use VR technology to equip trucks, but they don’t know how to do it or what technology to use, what benefits are there, and what is the best technology.”

“In these five days, we need to show some functions of VR suite. We want to show what we can do and what we can achieve.” due to the incorporation of VR into the company’s workflow, CVC has now used prototype construction engineers to help build their digital prototypes.


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