Shanghai, China, November 18, 2021 – Shanghai Hejian Industrial Software Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hejian industrial software) held an office ribbon cutting ceremony and product launch at SK building in Pudong, Shanghai, marking the beginning of the company’s journey to break through the domestic EDA field based on the Chinese market. On the day of the event, many government leaders, industry experts and media friends were invited to the scene to witness this historical moment in the company’s journey.

Innovate at the speed of China and break through from the bottom Technology

Pan Jianyue, chairman of Hejian software, took the lead in sharing the founding process of the company with us. He said that EDA is an important fulcrum to promote the innovation of semiconductor industry, but the development of China’s EDA industry has been blocked one after another due to the influence of the international situation. In this context, we have decided to set up a joint venture software to adapt to the new industrial pattern with breakthrough technologies and self-developed products. We have sufficient talent reserves and the goal of rooting in China and marching towards the world. This goal will urge us to break the limitations of the past 20 years and provide the most advanced EDA technology for Chinese and even global users, so as to support their design innovation in the semiconductor industry. Looking forward to the future, Hejian industrial software hopes to launch a variety of world-class products within 3-5 years, enter the field of industrial software within 10 years, and become the most competitive member in the global range of industrial software.


From the establishment to the development of the company, every link is not easy. Xu Yun, CO president of Hejian software, reviewed the company’s growth route and introduced its hardships and happiness. “The establishment of the company is inseparable from the three levels of ‘talent, culture and products’. Among them, talent is the core cornerstone of the company, culture and mission lay the firm belief in the development of the company, and products are the best answer to the market and customer expectations,” she said Since it was officially put into operation in March 2021, Hejian software has not only rapidly developed from a 6-person office at the beginning of its establishment to a scale of about 300 people, but also many people have world-class deep technical background and superb professional ability. In October this year, it launched the first commercial simulator product univista simulator (UVs), which was supported and recognized by head customers and attracted the attention of the whole industry, This fully reflects the amazing growth rate of Chinese EDA enterprises.


In addition, Guo Lifu, CO president of Hejian software, shared the company’s overall product release and future planning. He said that it is the joint efforts of all employees that Hejian can achieve such gratifying technical results in a short time. We have a clear planning direction for the future, including several excellent products launched recently, which is a proof of the strength of the company. Hejian industrial software is an industrial software company. Taking EDA as the starting point, we gradually expand to the field of industrial software, and bring new ideas to the development of the industry by combining advanced technical architecture, cloud computing, AI and big data, as well as algorithms. At the same time, we will continue to release more advanced new products and work with like-minded partners to provide excellent solutions for the industry.


A variety of heavy products were released, and the EDA track of Hejian software set sail

In the wave of a new round of technological revolution, Hejian software will continue to gather industry leaders and resources from all parties, create a new generation of world-class industrial software, and serve Chinese and global customers with innovative technologies and application modes. At the ceremony, he Peixin, chief technology officer of Hejian software, Jing Wei, vice president of product solutions and marketing, and Xiao Yuelong, general manager of system solutions made detailed introductions to the three products released this time.

Advanced FPGA prototype verification system

With the advent of the post Moore era, SoC design scale is growing, the interface is becoming more and more complex, and chip verification is more dependent on vertical application scenarios; At the same time, the time window of software and hardware integration and testing is also shrinking, and chip development tends to multi team and cross regional cooperation. In this context, Hejian software has launched the prototype verification system univista advanced prototyping system (UV APS for short), which has high performance, large capacity and diversified IO support, built-in 8938k x 4 logic resources and 6500 + IO resources, typical SoC design operation performance up to 20-50mhz, 144 high-speed gty transceivers up to 25gbps, scalable multi-channel DDR memory speed up to 2133mbps, and supports multiple system cascading, Up to 20 sets of cascade and supporting runtime real-time control are supported.

At the application level, UV APS is oriented to multi vertical application fields such as high-performance computing, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, communication network and GPU, and provides fast, professional and high-quality physical board rapid customization services. The system supports the verification of very large-scale system chips and the interconnection of hundreds of cores; At the same time, it also supports cross regional and multi scenario collaborative verification, and is equipped with web management, monitoring, operation platform and other functions. As the EDA prototype verification product series first launched by Hejian software, UV APS has passed the inspection of customers in the industry and fully covers the needs of various verification scenarios. From the actual use of core technology and core technology shared on site, it can be seen that the advanced prototype verification platform of Hejian software provides a variety of logical hardware specifications, which well meets the design scale requirements of different types of IP, subsystems and whole chip. At the same time, the rich standard interface sub card and rapid customization ability also provide a strong guarantee for the construction of prototype verification environment for different applications. In the face of the use needs of multiple project teams and multiple test teams, Hejian software provides a very convenient and efficient customized prototype verification private cloud service, maximizes the use of valuable hardware resources, and provides a safe and reliable access mechanism.

Integrated and open integrated collaborative design environment

Facing the challenges brought by advanced packaging design, Hejian software has developed a commercial EDA collaborative design software with completely independent intellectual property rights – univista integrator (UVI). It adopts the industry’s first system level network connection inspection algorithm, provides efficient graphics rendering and display, and has excellent openness, ease of use, flexibility, expansibility and integration. It also supports the easy import of design data and can generate efficient and accurate inspection reports. As a platform product of collaborative design at the software system level, UVI will carry out continuous innovation and iteration and develop richer functions to meet the needs of a wide range of industry applications. Chen Xiaoqiang, chief Packaging Engineer of Suiyuan technology, said that UVI solves the problem of interconnection inspection between different designs in 2.5D, 3D and heterogeneous packaging design. Simple and flexible operation and intuitive and efficient inspection report not only liberate the packaging engineer from the heavy manual inspection, but also the scale and accuracy of the inspection report are unmatched by the traditional excel form inspection method.

One stop electronic design data management platform

The intensified competition in the global chip market has brought severe challenges to the R & D of electronic systems, which come from two aspects: technology renewal and R & D management. Faced with this problem, Hejian software integrates advanced information technology and industry best practices and launched univista edmpro, which is a one-stop electronic design data management platform, including RMS (resource base management system), EDMS (electronic design process management and quality review system), ERC (electronic design inspection tool) and pdmcon (PDM / PLM system integration scheme).

Among them, RMS adopts mainstream information technology and embeds industry best practices, which can realize the construction, management, application and maintenance of electronic components and mature circuit module resource library in electronic system design; EDMS can realize the fine management of electronic system R & D process; ERC can automatically identify any rule violation in the design through design inspection, improve quality and reliability, and improve the efficiency of design review; The function of pdmcon is to complete the data interaction between EDA tools and PDM / PLM system, and realize the automatic creation of BOM based on the information of components in EDA design and PDM / PLM system, so as to reduce the cumbersome steps such as manually creating BOM and hooking files. Edmpro has been widely used in the industry and has been widely praised. From the practical application cases shared on site, we can see that edmpro provides strong support for the standardization and standardization of electronic system research and development, constructs a set of high-quality electronic design resource database for design engineers, and provides scientific management, application and maintenance mechanism. Edmpro accelerates the enterprise wide design tool system and realizes the integration of process and data between EDA design tools, PDM system and ERP system. Edmpro platform has helped enterprises complete a large number of electronic system R & D, accumulated considerable engineering data and practical experience, formed a rich knowledge base, and significantly improved the efficiency and quality reliability of electronic system R & D.

Many partners show their new products and talk about the future of the semiconductor industry

In addition, in this event, a group of partners of Hejian software were also invited to attend. Among them, Zhou Hao, chief technology officer of GuBo technology, said: in the face of the Chinese market and technology trend, we should first solve the problem of single point chip testing, long-term layout of enterprise digitization, and establish experience, ability and quality control in the process, so as to lay a good foundation for the digital operation of chip design companies. Based on this concept, GuBo Technology launched onetest, a collaborative process tool for test and R & D developed by independent innovation, which runs test automation through the life cycle of chip product R & D. Not only that, Mr. Zhou Hao shared the cooperation practice with Huawei Hisilicon in testing and digitization, and shared successful cooperation cases with Zhang long, chief information officer of nano chip micro at the event site.

Hou Wenting, founder and CEO of Xinxiang technology, said: we are applying advanced Internet technologies such as low code and AI to help enterprises upgrade digitally. The company’s new enterprise information software operating system can be customized and developed according to the business form of the enterprise, break the data barriers of various modules within the enterprise, further integrate the internal data of the enterprise, and complete the real-time and efficient analysis and judgment of the operation state of the enterprise through the form engine and process engine.

Yuan Jun, founder and CEO of Shanghai akasi, pointed out that the formal method is the underlying technology of industrial software and runs through the whole process of software and hardware design. Taking the formal method as the core, Shanghai akasi has developed avemc formal verification EDA software, avecec logical equivalence check EDA software and aveswf software formal platforms, and developed Huawei cloud based formal laboratory verification cloud platform. At present, avemc EDA software has been used by customers to effectively help customers find design defects.

In recent years, the voice of localization substitution has become increasingly high. As an important part of the semiconductor industry chain, EDA is one of the core technologies to promote the rapid development of domestic chip industry and urgently need to be broken through. Since its inception, Hejian software has made remarkable achievements in only 8 months, which is closely related to the company’s visionary management philosophy. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of “sticking to the right, innovating and pursuing the future”, with the development concept of “living through cooperation and creating the future”, base itself on China, go to the world, and open up a development road belonging to China’s EDA industry in the increasingly fierce market competition environment.

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