VICOR won the 2021 global electronics Achievement Award

VICOR Corporation (nasdaq:vicr) relies on its fractional power architecture (FPA) for high current AI processors ™) Our horizontal power supply solution won the 2021 global electronic Achievement Award (weaa) and the annual most innovative product award in the power management / voltage converter category. A total of six companies and VICOR have won the award at the same time, they are yanold, shengbangwei, jinshengyang, iprink and Pavo Ingersoll.

“Thanks to the aspencore analyst team for presenting this award, which recognizes that innovation can transform the commercialized power industry into a strategic advantage. This award is a recognition of improving the power of AI processors.” Said AJITH Jain, vice president of VICOR’s global high power computing business unit.

The global electronics Achievement Award (weaa) aims to select and commend enterprises and managers who have made outstanding contributions to promoting innovation in the global electronics industry. The winners were selected by a review committee composed of aspencore’s global senior industry analysts and website users from Asia, the United States and Europe.

Shijian won the “best supplier of 2021” of hansang

In 2022, Shijian system (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. won the “best supplier in 2021” award from the customer hansang (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Lihui, sales director of Shijian international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: “It is a great honor for Shijian to win this award, which means that our products and services have been recognized. Shijian has cooperated with hansom for more than 10 years. The two companies have worked together to carry out in-depth cooperation on Qualcomm’s product line. Shijian’s team has been committed to providing professional and reliable Qualcomm audio chips and technologies for many years, and has successfully helped hansom win the favor of many internationally renowned audio and intelligent hardware brands and won the final The unanimous approval of end customers. In the future, Shijian will further deepen its cooperation with hansang, so as to lay a solid foundation for the two sides to carry out more brands and deeper cooperation in the future and become strategic partners. “

Rod and Schwartz develop antenna test system

Radar is the key technology of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and automatic driving (AD). In order to achieve an improved SAE L3 (Society of Automotive Engineers Level 3) experience on the road to automatic driving, radar sensors must adapt to more complex traffic scenarios. Therefore, imaging radar sensors have been developed with finer spatial resolution, which requires larger antenna aperture. Measuring these radar sensors in the direct far field (DFF) is impractical for the production environment. However, the CATR technology used by rod and Schwartz in the r&s ats1500c darkroom creates a large static zone with high-quality far-field conditions in a very compact physical space.

Noffz offline tester UTP 5069 CATR is specially designed for mass production testing and calibration. The very low reflection anechoic chamber is one of the key differences and one of the achievements of more than 30 years of experience as a system integrator. It covers less than 3.5 square meters (40 square feet). The relative motion of DUT during calibration, loading and unloading can be realized by integrated robot or goniometer. Both motion options can be selected according to the requirements of motion flexibility, position accuracy and cycle time.

R&s ats1500c CATR darkroom and r&s areg radar moving object simulator series have been used for radar development worldwide. As the noffz line end radar sensor tester UTP 5069 has a wide range of testing requirements, it has been well recognized in the global radar production facilities. In addition, the performance of this new test system has been verified by uhnder, a leading radar module developer, during its development.

This article is compiled from VICOR Roeder and Schwartz Shijian
Reviewed by: Pengjing

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