Shanghai, China, March 3, 2021 – viavisolutions (NASDAQ: viav) recently released its “5g deployment status” report, which is the fifth year viavi has released this report. The report shows that despite the impact of the global epidemic, the deployment of 5g network has been growing steadily in the past year, covering 1336 cities around the world, with a growth rate of 350%. As of January 2021, more than 30% of the countries in the world have deployed 5g networks.

As the fastest growing mobile technology in history, 61 countries around the world have deployed commercial 5g networks, an increase of 80% since January 2020. The top three countries with the largest number of 5g cities are China (341), the United States (279) and South Korea (85). Among them, the number of 5g deployment cities in China has increased fivefold in one year, while that in the United States has quadrupled. Meanwhile, the UK has deployed 5g networks in 54 cities, followed by 53 in Spain.

Last year, 27 new countries joined the deployment of commercial 5g networks, with Canada (49), France and Thailand (24 each) among the top 10 cities. In terms of regional coverage, Asia occupies the first place, and 528 cities have deployed 5g networks; 459 cities in Europe, Middle East and Africa ranked second; America is the third largest city with 349 cities.

Sameh yamany, chief technology officer of viavi, said: “in the past 2020, with telecommuting, online education and video chat with relatives and friends becoming the new normal on a global scale, reliable network connection has become crucial. Users’ strong demand for faster speed and higher bandwidth drives service providers to continuously invest in 5g technology. The key to success is that service providers need strong testing protocols and support for the increasingly complex 5g architecture to provide the best network performance and quality of service. “

Click here to obtain the report of 5g deployment status. The data in the report is compiled by viavi based on public source information and is for information reference only. This report is an effort made by viavi to keep up with the trend to promote the development of leading technologies and enable communication service providers to control 5g network.

Recently, viavi, with its laboratory verification, field testing and support solutions and o-ran standard test suite, appeared in 2021mwc Shanghai to show the industry its leading ecosystem solutions.

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