The o-ru Test Manager combines the test solutions of both parties to provide a unified user experience

Shanghai, China, February 25, 2022 – viavi solutions (viavi) (NASDAQ: viav) recently announced the joint launch of an integrated solution for o-ran wireless unit (o-ru) conformance testing with rod and Schwartz (R & S). Both enterprises are leaders in the field of wireless communication testing and actively participate in the specification formulation of o-ran alliance. This cooperation combines the industry-leading capabilities of both sides. As the core of this joint solution, o-ru test manager can provide a seamless user experience. The solution was demonstrated at the 5a80 Rhodes and Schwartz booth at the 2022 World Mobile Congress (MWC 2022) in Barcelona from February 28 to March 3.

O-ran makes the wireless access network more open, decomposed and flexible. The openness of network architecture can promote innovation, meet the different needs of all parties and improve network efficiency. Therefore, o-ran is experiencing rapid progress and growth in the technology ecosystem. The o-ran alliance includes more than 300 service providers, suppliers and research institutions. The number of participants in the o-ran global plugfest conference in 2021 doubled compared with the previous year.

The network decomposition in o-ran brings new challenges to the interoperability of network devices from different suppliers. The prequel consistency test defined by the o-ran alliance ensures the interoperability of the evolving o-ru and o-ran distributed units (o-du). The joint test solution has provided benchmark and verification test support in many places around the world during the plugfest conference and was demonstrated during MWC 2022 in Barcelona, including:

Rod and Schwartz’s R & s smw200a vector signal generator, R & s fsva3000 signal and spectrum analyzer and R & S VSE signal analysis software can simulate the real radio environment and expand for o-ran applications by generating, capturing and analyzing RF signals.

The tm500 o-ru tester of viavi can realize the m-plane and C / U-plane functions on the o-ran distributed unit (o-du) side, which is necessary for configuring the interface with o-ru and I / Q data exchange through open forward transmission.

The o-ru test manager application can provide a single point of control for the integrated system, simplify the workflow of test cases, and allow more in-depth data inspection and Analysis on demand.


Together with rod and Schwartz, viavi provides an integrated solution for o-ran wireless unit (o-ru) conformance testing

Alexander Pabst, vice president of wireless communications marketing, rod and Schwartz, said: “The number of enterprises involved in o-ran is growing, including traditional network operators and network equipment manufacturers, as well as new suppliers, system integrators, chipset developers, otic and other laboratories. Rod and Schwartz have long experience in RF testing and high-performance testing and measurement solutions, combined with viavi’s experience in network simulation such as demonstrator capability and cusm plane generation The cooperation of leaders will benefit this huge ecosystem. “

Ian Langley, vice president and general manager of viavi wireless business, said: “Viavi and rod and Schwartz have worked with leading service providers and suppliers to launch previous generations of mobile technology. This cooperation will bring excellent methods to achieve a unified customer experience. With the disaggregation of software and hardware in o-ran, testing has proved to be extremely valuable and can help the industry identify and repair potential problems in the early stage of the development cycle, so as to enable the technology to move from laboratory to trial And enter the actual deployment. “

At booth 5a80 of MWC Barcelona, viavi and rod and Schwartz jointly demonstrated the o-ran wg4 prepass consistency test, and verified an o-ru reference design through viavi’s automatic tm500 o-ru tester, R & s smw200a vector signal generator, R & s fsva3000 signal and spectrum analyzer and R & S VSE signal analysis software.

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