The new OTDR 2.0 and smartpocket optical power meter can meet the needs of service providers for faster and more reliable fiber deployment.

Shanghai, China, March 29, 2021 – viavi solutions (NASDAQ: viav) recently launched a new optical fiber testing and measurement solution to further expand its most complete optical fiber testing product portfolio in the industry. The new optical power meter, optical fiber characterization module and function enhanced optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) solutions can help service providers, managed data centers, large-scale data centers, enterprises and contractors reduce costs, improve service quality, minimize downtime, and accelerate profitability.

Network expansion and transformation require new processes, tools and solutions to meet the rapidly changing business and network needs in the future. The comprehensive viavi optical fiber product portfolio continues to develop, providing end-to-end support for the construction, activation, monitoring and maintenance of optical fiber services by providing the required complete set of basic instruments, systems and software.

New and enhanced features in the viavi fiber portfolio include:

·OTDR 2.0 – the new viavi OTDR solution has been redesigned to provide faster and more reliable measurement and user experience. Modern touch gesture interface and guided automatic workflow can simplify real-time operation for technicians of any experience level, so as to improve operation quality control and ensure the achievement of operation objectives. Modular design can realize optical fiber test function in t-berd ®/ MTS、OneAdvisor ™ And celladvisor ® Migration between viavi platforms such as 5g. The solution provides the most comprehensive fiber and service layer testing from basic fiber certification to automated bi-directional characterization.

·Smartpocket V2 – based on the widely adopted viavi smartpocket series, smartpocket V2 is a complete series of optical power meters, light sources and loss test kits that can be used for basic fiber testing, activation and troubleshooting. This series can help service providers improve the operation speed and accuracy of technicians when deploying next-generation technologies.

Brian rhoney, marketing director of Corning data center, said: “Since Corning invented optical fiber in 1970, we have continued to innovate in the” 6-7-6-7 “case of optical fiber and connection solution, and are committed to promoting the transformation of today’s network. We help providers use next-generation technologies such as high-density cables to shorten the distance between high-speed optical fiber and end users. In addition, testing practices and tools also need to be constantly changed. We believe that viavi’s latest optical fiber testing solution has been implemented This is the point. “

Koji Okamoto, vice president of viavi optical fiber and access business, said: “Service providers are under pressure to increase fiber coverage and complete large-scale deployment to homes, enterprises, data centers and 5g base stations. At the same time, they should strive to maintain the quality of experience and reduce operating expenses. By using simple and easy-to-use automation solutions to capture faster and more reliable fiber test measurement results, service providers can not only ensure the deployment speed and quality of experience, but also reduce the cost of contractors To improve performance and operational efficiency over the lifetime of the network. “

The above solutions cover pon/fttx innovative solutions for optical fiber monitoring (ONMS) and construction / installation (optimeter), as well as the unbalanced PON architecture (PON OTDR) certified for the first time, further expanding the industry’s most comprehensive optical fiber testing product portfolio.


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