Recently, the 2021 Data Center High-Quality Development Conference was held at the National Convention Center, and the results of the “DC-Tech Innovation Pioneer” selection were released. With advanced operation and maintenance concepts, professional technical design and significant application value, the “data center intelligent inspection robot project” declared by Vertiv Technology (Vertiv, NYSE: VRT) was successfully selected, which fully reflects Vertiv Technology (Vertiv) Innovative strength in the field of data center operation and maintenance services.

It is understood that the 2021 Data Center High-Quality Development Conference is co-sponsored by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Press and Publicity Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The theme of this conference is “Promoting Technological Innovation and Building a Digital Society”, and extensive discussions and exchanges were conducted mainly on the technological innovation and integrated development of data centers.

Winning the “DC-Tech Excellent Innovation Pioneer” award issued by the conference this time is not only a glorious mark on Vertiv’s innovation road, but also a high recognition of Vertiv by the industry.

For a long time, Vertiv has always been committed to ensuring that customers’ data centers are always online, providing customers with first-class services, and constantly innovating in the field of data center operation and maintenance management services. It is worth mentioning that, from the early implementation of the concept of “full life cycle service”, to the widespread implementation of the “service without borders” model, and then to the implementation of “Service 4.0”, Vertiv is based on a wide range of Successful practice creates a leading service advantage.

The “data center intelligent inspection robot project” declared this time is a professional data center inspection robot built by Vertiv based on data center digitalization and automatic operation and maintenance management. The name is SmartArgus, which means Vigilant guards escort the stable operation of the data center.

Vertiv inspection robots use SLAM navigation technology, chassis control technology, neural network identification technology and various sensors to carry out automated and digital inspections of data center equipment room infrastructure, effectively improving inspection efficiency and inspection quality. It has significant application value in various scenarios such as power supply and distribution systems, HVAC systems, fire protection systems, server systems, and computer room management.

In addition, SmartArgus intelligent inspection robot integrates Vertiv’s technology in the field of operation and maintenance, and copies expert experience to the inspection robot, which can be quickly applied to daily operation and maintenance, forming a “product as a service” operation model, Solve the problem of shortage of operation and maintenance manpower and cannot meet the rapid development of data centers.

At present, Vertiv’s intelligent inspection robot has been applied in the data center projects of many high-end customers, which not only helps customers improve the automation and intelligence level of data center operations, but also reduces the daily operation and maintenance of personnel. Dependency improves the standardization and management level of data center operation and maintenance, and effectively guarantees the safe and stable operation of customer data centers.

This award is only a new starting point for Vertiv on the road of innovation. With the support of firm innovative ideas, it is believed that Vertiv can achieve greater achievements in the industry, thereby pushing the company to Fast track development.


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