On the morning of November 8, haojiachong village, shihegang Town, Shihe District, Xinyang City staged a large-scale UAV flying anti tea garden operation activity, which will effectively improve the management efficiency of tea garden, improve the production quality of tea garden, and also improve the ecological environment.

Using UAV to improve the management efficiency and production efficiency of tea garden

In the morning of that day, the staff carried out professional operation, filled the UAV equipment with liquid medicine, prepared medicine, route planning, technical inspection and other steps, to achieve accurate large-scale flight defense operation in the tea garden. As the spraying of plant protection UAV is not affected by height, range, route and other factors, the flying defense efficiency is high, and about 600 mu of tea garden flying defense can be completed in one day, which greatly reduces the pressure of tea farmers to manage the tea garden and greatly saves costs and increases efficiency.

According to the introduction, the spray atomization degree of UAV flying prevention tea garden is very high, so compared with the traditional manual management, it will be more refined, and can make the pesticide spray more evenly, promote agriculture more efficient, so as to reduce the use of pesticides, help tea garden production more green, reduce environmental pollution, and meet the standards of modern agricultural development.

It is reported that the UAV flight defense operation is also the first step for Xinyang tea garden to open intelligent flight defense. Next, Xinyang will continue to explore more scientific ways to fly defense tea garden, gradually improve the quality of tea garden production and help improve the environment.

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