Accurate measurement of high range resistance

Many test applications require the measurement of resistivity (area resistivity and volume resistivity) of high-level materials. The traditional measurement method is to apply a high enough voltage to the sample, measure the current flowing through the sample, and then use Ohm’s Law (r = V / I) to calculate its resistance. Due to the small current generated by high resistance materials and devices, it is difficult to measure accurately. Even with high-precision instruments, the background current inherent in the materials also makes accurate measurement difficult. The model 6517b electrometer / high resistance meter is designed to solve these problems and provide consistent, repeatable and accurate measurement for various materials and components.

The electrometer is used for accurate measurement of high range resistance

Electrometer is a kind of high precision DC multi-purpose measuring instrument. It can not only complete the measurement function of general DC digital multi-purpose meter, but also measure voltage, current, resistance and charge which can not be measured by conventional multi-purpose meter with special input characteristics and high sensitivity. It can measure very weak current and high impedance voltage at the same time. The electrometer can also be used for capacitance leakage current measurement and insulation resistance measurement. The electrometer has charge measurement resolution of 10fc, current resolution of 100aa and impedance measurement capability of 200t Ω, which surpasses the standard digital multimeter. It can also be used in situations where extreme sensitivity or various types of sensitive electronic circuits are required.

Its application scenarios are: characterizing high megohm resistance, determining the resistivity of insulator and measuring the insulation resistance of printed circuit board.

Keithley 6500 series electrometer

The precision and sensitivity of 5-and-a-half bit 6517b electrometer / megger are higher than other similar instruments. It also has complete functions, which makes it easy to measure high resistance and resistivity of insulating materials. The 6517b has a test rate of 425 readings per second, which is much faster than the same type of electrometer. It can provide fast and simple weak current measurement ability to measure weak current.

The half rack type 6517b electrometer / high impedance meter has a special low current input amplifier with input bias current of “3fa”, noise of only 0.75fa P-P (peak to peak) and input voltage drop of “20 μ V”. For near ideal circuit load, the input impedance of voltage and resistance measurement is 200t Ω. These performance indicators ensure the accuracy and sensitivity of low current and high impedance voltage, resistance and charge measurement in the fields of physics, optics, nanotechnology and materials science. The built-in ± 1kV voltage source has scanning ability, which simplifies the leakage current test, breakdown voltage test and resistance test, as well as the measurement of volume resistivity (Ω – cm) and surface resistivity (Ω / square) of insulating materials.

6517b electrometer / megger

(1) The resistance measurement can reach 10e16 Ω

(2) Current measurement range: 1fa – 20mA

(3) Minimum current range input voltage drop 20 μ V

(4) 200t Ω input impedance

(5) 3fa bias current

(6) The test speed is up to 425 rdgs / s

(7) Noise 0.75fa P-P

(8) Built in ± 1kV voltage source

(9) Unique reverse connection method of high resistance measurement voltage

(10) Optional plug in scan card

Accurate measurement of weak current

Picoammeter for accurate measurement of weak current

At high current level, the input voltage drop (voltage burden) of ordinary DMM is as high as several hundred millivolts, so it is impossible to complete accurate current measurement.

Picoammeter is essentially the continuation of ammeter function in electrometer. Compared with electrometer, picoammeter has similar low input voltage drop, same or slightly faster measurement speed, lower current sensitivity and lower price. The low voltage burden of picoammeter makes it more like an ideal ammeter, so it can achieve high-precision current measurement, even when testing circuits with very low source voltage. Picoammeter may also have other special features, such as high-speed logarithmic response or built-in voltage source.

Keithley 6400 series picoammeter

The picoammeter of giseley has the economy and ease of use of digital multimeter, as well as the sensitivity to weak current which is close to that of electrometer.

The affordable 5 / 2-bit 6485 picoammeter can measure currents from 10fa to 20mA at speeds of up to 1000 readings per second. It combines Keithley’s expertise in high sensitivity current measurement with faster processing speed and robust design. With 8-channel current measurement range and high-speed automatic range, the current measurement range is 20fa-20ma. Using the latest current measurement technology, compared with other instruments with similar functions, the price is greatly reduced. Model 6485 picoammeter is suitable for most laboratories and production environments.

Using electrometer to measure low level and high precision

6485 picoammeter

(1) Measuring current resolution 10fa

(2) 5 / 2 digital accuracy

(3) The load voltage is less than 200 μ v

(4) Built in model 485 simulation mode

(5) Interface between IEEE-488 and RS-232

The 6482 dual channel picoammeter / voltage source provides two independent picoammeter / voltage source channels. It provides higher measurement resolution and dual independent 30V voltage bias sources than the 6485. Suitable for a variety of low level measurement applications requiring dual channel measurement.

Due to its dual channel measurement capability, the 6482 dual channel picoammeter / voltage source is a powerful measurement tool, suitable for analyzing multi-channel devices, monitoring the current at multiple locations in the material, and immediately recording data from multiple sensors. Dual channel capability makes control and data aggregation easier. Higher channel density increases the number of instruments (and channels) in the confined space.

The 6482 dual channel picoammeter / voltage source is suitable for various applications related to the analysis of electronic materials and device characteristics, including laboratory, research and development, and low current operation in factories. Applications include: component process testing, dual diode testing, semiconductor component testing, multi pin component testing, dark current testing, ion beam monitoring, and electron microscopy.

6482 dual channel picoammeter / voltage source

(1) Dual channel 6 and a half bit measurement capability

(2) Dual ± 30V bias power supply

(3) The measurement current is up to 20mA

(4) The resolution of measuring current is 1fa

(5) 0 – 10V analog output for high resolution measurement feedback

(6) Support assembly process, final test, component binning and technical specification

(7) Each pass props 3000 point cache, support data sending after test

(8) Trigger connection, used for device storage and scanning test operation

(9) Interface between IEEE-488 and RS-232

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