Although the CGM is small, it can improve the quality of life of millions of diabetic patients worldwide. For patients with type 1 diabetes, the current routine method is to detect blood glucose by finger tip blood sampling, and is essential every day. In fact, fingertip blood collection can only be done seven times a day at most. But this can only get a snapshot of blood glucose at a single point in time. Unfortunately, this snapshot can only provide blood glucose for a specific period of time, and can not provide all day long blood sugar values for diabetics. Diabetic patients are also unable to obtain comprehensive blood glucose changes and causes of change, nor can they formulate specific targeted individual sugar control programs, including diet, medication and exercise.

Now, diabetics are expected to extricate themselves from the inconvenience of fingertip blood collection, test paper and blood sugar level prediction, and use a minimally invasive continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) to manage blood sugar and health more effectively and economically.


Bid farewell to fingertip blood collection, provide treatment basis and reduce treatment cost

Patients will usher in the era of ambulatory blood glucose meter with convenient use, accurate detection and comprehensive detection data, and bid farewell to the way of fingertip blood collection and evaluation of blood glucose value. Meiqi medical device Co., Ltd. – a manufacturer of ambulatory blood glucose meter in China and a leader in ambulatory blood glucose monitoring technology. China has more than 125 million diabetes patients, the largest number of diabetic patients in the world. In order to cope with this growing market, Meiqi is cooperating with ADI to develop the next generation of integrated dynamic blood glucose monitoring wearable devices (Meiqi 3rd generation products) and make joint efforts to break through technical barriers.

The dynamic blood glucose meter can detect the blood glucose level around the clock by intervening in the micro sensor electrode under the skin, and send this data to the mobile app or smart watch, and then to the cloud. This near real-time information can help diabetic patients quickly adjust their exercise, food intake or insulin levels, control blood sugar levels, help to reduce the occurrence of severe hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

In addition, the cost saving advantage of ambulatory glucose meter is also very obvious. It can not only save a lot of needle and test paper, but also help patients successfully monitor symptoms and avoid the high cost of serious medical procedures or hospital visits in their life. Dynamic blood glucose meter enables patients to manage their health, change their eating habits, take medicine on time, and improve the overall quality of life. For many people, it is invaluable.

“The size, weight and power consumption of the equipment are one of the main challenges we face, as well as the challenges of the whole dynamic blood glucose meter industry, and the solutions provided by Adi meet our needs. In addition, their collaboration ability, system level understanding and professional knowledge are indeed outstanding….. Facts have proved that they are far more than an electronic component company.”

Mr. Zhang Feng Zhang Feng

CEO and founder Meiqi

Working principle of dynamic blood glucose meter


The ambulatory blood glucose meter has a micro sensor, usually attached to the arm, to continuously monitor the blood glucose level in the tissue fluid (a thin layer of liquid wrapped in subcutaneous tissue cells) instead of detecting blood. The ambulatory blood glucose meter displays the overall trend and level of blood glucose around the clock and sends this data to the application to improve health and avoid dangerous situations.

Convenient and insightful predictive diabetes management

As medicine moves from passive treatment to active prevention (such as dynamic blood glucose meter), the professional knowledge and technology of signal processing is particularly important for this development. In fact, without this special technology, it is impossible to talk about the development trend towards active prevention and personalized medicine.

The transformation of this medical trend depends on equipment with high-quality and continuously obtained patient data, such as whether blood glucose is too low due to exercise or too high due to bad eating habits, and can make more accurate, effective and comprehensive judgment based on these test data.

With the help of accurate clinical blood glucose level data, patients can receive appropriate insulin treatment, which helps to avoid further diabetic complications, such as vascular injury, heart disease, stroke, nephropathy, and diabetic coma. In addition, these reports will be sent to the cloud to provide detailed glycemic information for days, weeks or even months to help medical experts make more scientific decisions on effective management of diabetes. Fingertip blood collection can not provide such accurate and prospective data.

ADI contributes to clinical health data management

System structure of Meiqi CGM equipment

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Transmitter with integrated battery (a) and replaceable sensor (b) = Meiqi 3rd generation device

Complete CGM solution


Next generation technology for a new generation of ambulatory blood glucose monitoring system

Meiqi’s dynamic blood glucose monitoring equipment is easy to use and accurate. It uses small wearable patches with micro sensor probes and sensors from ADI and next-generation mobile impedance testing technology.

For important sensor components, Meiqi chose ADI ad5950 with small size and low voltage. In addition, Meiqi also found that ADI is far more than a parts supplier. ADI is a real partner, with rich system level knowledge, deep domain expertise and important digital medical experience, and deep understanding of wearable devices for chronic disease management. With the help of ADI China team, Meiqi also gained valuable local market insight and rapid response, and achieved key advantages in time to market.

ADI and Meiqi: striving for the top

As a leading provider of ambulatory blood glucose monitoring equipment in China, Meiqi has carefully selected technical partners to jointly design the third generation products. First and foremost, partners should have common ambition, continuous innovation power, and take providing medical care and life-saving medical products as the firm goal.

ADI is such a company.

More than 50 years ago, ADI adhered to this goal: using technology to solve arduous engineering challenges and breaking the limits – including helping diabetics monitor blood sugar and actively managing their health.

The design challenge of ambulatory blood glucose meter lies in the limitation of power and size, which is also a challenge faced by Adi in the field of digital health technology. As the leader of the dynamic glucose meter industry, Mei Qi and ADI are helping diabetics to control blood sugar conveniently and economically.

“Meiqi is a subversive company in the field of digital health. We have been looking for like-minded partners. ADI fully meets this requirement. They adhere to the principle of leading technology and will bring unique value to customers in the industry.”

Mr. Zhu Jun Zhu Jun

Vice president of R & D · Meiqi

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