From December 12 to 13, the 2021 Annual Academic Conference on home appliance science and technology was successfully held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. National technology was invited to discuss with industry experts on the topics of intelligence, safety, health and green, in order to reach an industry consensus and jointly promote the healthy development of the home appliance industry.

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At the annual academic meeting, Chen dianshuai, senior director of the national technology industry, gave a speech on building a smart life with “core”National technology N32 MCU family adds color to the energy efficiency and safety of household appliances. For a long time, national technology has been committed to promoting the intelligent upgrading of household electrical appliances. The general MCU series products and excellent solutions have helped customers realize the market demand for higher integration, lower power consumption and higher performance, which has been unanimously recognized by the industry.

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Technical advantages help household appliance energy efficiency

Based on the advantages of MCU high processing performance and rich analog peripherals, national technology continues to provide industry-leading motor advanced control algorithms and technologies in the field of household appliances, such as motor parameter self identification, high-frequency injection, high-performance non inductive algorithm and efficient multi motor control algorithm, which can fully support brushless DC, stepping, brushless DC, permanent magnet synchronization AC induction and other types of motors provide energy-efficient application solutions for household appliances.

Comprehensively guarantee the information security of intelligent appliances

With the popularity of smart appliances in the era of Internet of things, people have a higher demand for information security. National technology provides a number of series of high-level security chips and general MCU products with hardware password acceleration engine for the field of smart appliances, effectively ensuring the security of users’ data and identity information. It is widely used in smart appliances and smart home IOT terminal scenarios.

As a leading enterprise of general MCU and security chip in China, national technology will continue to promote the close combination of product R & D and customer needs, build leading solution capabilities, and help customers quickly implement new product projects with high-quality and diversified technical services, so as to help customers succeed in business.

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