Wired lighting infrastructure has always been known for reliability, and now wireless networks are no inferior in this regard. Although the installation of wired network still has other advantages, many wireless platforms have lower cost but stronger flexibility and scalability. Especially those platforms with Bluetooth mesh network support.

The development of wireless connection makes the industry prefer wireless platform to wired infrastructure. Although wired network still has certain advantages in reliability, it has much higher installation cost in terms of materials and labor. In addition to the increase in costs, the deployment or upgrading of wired systems, especially in a highly active commercial or industrial environment, is more likely to cause disruption to daily operations. Wireless networks can significantly reduce costs and minimize the possibility of operational disruption during deployment.

Bluetooth mesh network is the most robust and powerful low-power wireless technology in the field of commercial interconnected lighting. In addition, wired network is a tangible part of building infrastructure, which is not easy to expand. Upgrading usually requires the installation of new components to improve performance, and in some cases, the entire system needs to be completely replaced. The wireless platform is easier to install and upgrade, more flexible, and can quickly respond to changing business needs.

With the wireless platform supported by Bluetooth mesh network, in addition to the main purpose, lighting and other systems can provide more additional functions, further bring higher overall value and ensure higher return on investment. Martin Woolley, EMEA development relationship manager of Bluetooth technology alliance, said: “it is necessary to integrate various sensors into lighting systems in buildings. Although wired systems can also achieve this goal, separate control devices are usually required to coordinate sensor and lighting behavior. The original intention of Bluetooth mesh is to solve such problems, especially for commercial lighting systems.”

Use a new way to "illuminate" the Bluetooth mesh in the wireless era

Bluetooth mesh network is a full stack solution designed for commercial lighting applications, which provides functional features specially created for wireless lighting platform. In a recent article published in Gizmodo UK, British journalist James O Malley listed six reasons why Bluetooth mesh network will have a great impact. He talked about the versatility of Bluetooth mesh network for lighting. Malley explained: “if every bulb in your home or office supports Bluetooth, it means that you have more than intelligent lighting… In fact, you have covered the Bluetooth mesh network throughout the building, and you can communicate with all Bluetooth devices in the building.”

In addition to meeting the daily lighting needs, Bluetooth mesh network can fully integrate non lighting functions, such as sensors. In his technical paper “Bluetooth mesh network paving the way for intelligent lighting platform”, Woolley introduces the lighting devices that can be used as Bluetooth beacon with examples. They can help tourists locate and navigate around the building through smartphone applications (APPs). He also mentioned a lighting system that can collect a series of data through building sensors, which can realize data analysis and real-time application.

Woolley said: “Bluetooth mesh lighting system will also bring more interesting and potentially significant opportunities. Once installed, this kind of system is equivalent to equipping buildings with wireless networks and creating a distributed platform for other wireless building services. Lights and switches are microcontrollers with Bluetooth mesh communication function, which can control device functions through software. Software can be upgraded and added, Let the lighting system get new functions. “

Bluetooth mesh network specification provides an innovative wireless solution for commercial lighting. Its reliability is functionally comparable to wired systems, but it also has the responsiveness, scalability and scalability that only wireless solutions can provide. Rafal Han, CEO of silvair, a Polish intelligent lighting company, said: “Bluetooth mesh network is the most robust and powerful low-power wireless technology in the field of commercial interconnected lighting.”

Combined with the multi vendor interoperability, low power consumption and low latency of low-power Bluetooth (Bluetooth low energy) stack, you can build an integrated lighting system, which can also be used as an industrial platform for distributed wireless building services. This will greatly improve operational efficiency and create a flexible network infrastructure to adapt to changing business needs.


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