USB to serial port is to realize the conversion from computer USB interface to general serial port. It provides a fast channel for computers without serial port. Moreover, using USB to serial port device is equivalent to turning the traditional serial port device into a plug and play USB device. As the most widely used USB interface, it is one of the essential communication interfaces of each computer. Its biggest feature is to support hot plug and plug. Fast transmission speed.

The most extensive field of modern industrial control should be RS232, RS485 and parallel port interface. It has a long history and is widely used in many fields. This article is mainly to explain the driving method of USB to RS232 serial port.

Method 1:

1. Check whether the USB to RS232 serial driver is connected:

Note: first download the driver from the Internet, and then extract it.

Right click to select my computer, select “management”, pop up the computer management window, select “device management” in the system tool, and there is “other devices” – USB serial converter in the menu bar on the right to check whether it is connected.

As shown below:

  USB to RS232 serial port driving method

2. Right click “USB serial port”, select “update driver” in the pop-up shortcut menu, select “install from list or specified location (Advanced)” in the pop-up “hardware update wizard”, click next, check “include this location in search”, and find the driver in “Browse”, such as under disk F, Select the path “F: download6usbzhuanchikouusb 2.0 to RS232 cableusb 2.0 to RS232 cablepc driver”, as shown in the following figure:

  USB to RS232 serial port driving method

Click next to complete the automatic search.

Method 2:

This method is more direct and effective. The premise is to know which brand your RS232 serial port cable is. If your serial port cable is Z-TEK, you can directly search the Z-TEK serial port driver on the Internet and download the following files:

Double click the above driver to install it. For other types of serial port lines, refer to the embodiment of method 2.

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