Development of products supporting USB's new connector standard "Type-C" is becoming more active. According to the introduction of the USB popularization promotion group-USB Application Forum (USB-IF), after the introduction of relevant standards, a variety of products supporting USB Type-C (hereinafter referred to as USB-C) are scheduled to be put on the market. Compared with previous standards, we are advancing preparations for market launch at the fastest speed." Apple's notebook computers and Google's support have become positive factors, and it is expected that the number of products supporting this interface will continue to increase in the future.

Jeff Ravencraft, chairman and chief operating officer of USB-IF, was interviewed by Nikkei Electronics a few days ago. He predicts that there will be 5 billion devices with USB ports by 2018. Although he did not speculate on the proportion of devices using USB-C connectors, he said with anticipation: "USB-C will undoubtedly become the driving force for market expansion."

USB-C adopts a shape that can be inserted on both sides, which is easy to plug and unplug, and can also be used as a connector for "USB PD (Power Delivery)" that can supply up to 100W of power and "USB 3.1 Gen2", a high-speed transmission standard of up to 10Gbps . In addition, USB-C can also transmit signals of other standards such as DisplayPort, so it is also possible to plan products with only USB-C external interfaces like Apple's "MacBook". Ravencraft analysis said that this has attracted the interest of PC manufacturers and peripheral manufacturers.

Ravencraft said that many Chinese smartphone manufacturers are currently developing smartphones using the USB-C interface, and this trend will expand to smartphone manufacturers in other countries in the future. However, it is not yet known when the major US and South Korean smartphone makers will bring USB-C-enabled products to the market.

In addition, the development of related devices is also active in the USB PD standard that can supply power up to 100W. At present, there are notebook computers that can supply power between 27W and 45W, and "next year, products that can supply nearly 100W may appear" (Ravencraft).

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