I believe that before Apple’s press conference, someone will bet that the new iPhone released this year should use USB type-C interface instead of lightning. In fact, when the iPhone 7 series was born, the answer was clear.

Why does Apple insist on its unique lightning interface? There are too many reasons. For example, Apple hopes to gain more control and make profits through authorized devices (one of the reasons why most third-party MFI certified devices sell more expensive). More importantly, there have been various compatibility problems with the USB type-C interface in the past few months. These are Apple’s stubborn factors, and from the 30 pin interface in the iPod era to the debut of lightning interface in 2012, it seems that Apple has no intention to replace the interface again.

In other words, it is almost impossible to replace the lightning interface of iPhone with USB type-C? However, not all people who pay attention to the iPhone want apple to adhere to independence. For example, Dong NGO, an editor from CNET, put forward several reasons that the iPhone with usb-c interface is better.

Usb-c is a big step forward for traditional interface

When Apple launched the lightning interface four years ago, there were few objections. After all, many people were not very satisfied with the microusb interface. At that time, the interface was only USB 2.0 standard, and the transmission speed was slow. It could not be inserted forward or backward arbitrarily, but it was more convenient than Apple’s ancient 30 pin interface. After the appearance of lightning at that time, this interface, which occupies a smaller area than microusb, quickly gained favor because the positive and negative plug-in is reversible and the plug-in is no longer so troublesome.

Later, USB 3.0 standard became more and more popular. Micro USB also provided the transmission speed of USB 3.0 standard and backward compatibility. However, the speed is faster, but it is still not so convenient, and the use experience has not been completely improved. Therefore, until the release of iPhone 6S, Apple’s lightning interface was the most praised interface.

But now, USB type-C interface is on the stage, occupying less space, and has become the standard connection interface of a large number of devices. The speed can rise to USB 3.1 standard, and it also supports reversible positive and negative plug-in. It is very popular in the whole industry, and a large number of relevant connection devices and accessories have landed on the market. So, isn’t it more meaningful to use it on the iPhone now?

Usb-c is a big step forward for the traditional interface, and the iPhone with usb-c interface is even better

Apple already has a usb-c interface on its MacBook

Apple is the first manufacturer in the world to use USB type-C interface on notebook computers, and it is also implemented in a more extreme way. When its 12 inch MacBook first appeared in 2015, it was only equipped with a single USB type-C interface, and it also had tasks such as data transmission or charging. This caused a shock in the industry, and people were surprised that apple made such a bold move again. Of course, the MacBook still has another interface, the 3.5mm headphone jack that has been removed from the iPhone this year.

Obviously, Apple’s approach has attracted countless disputes, because it is difficult to do other things when charging, unless you spend money on third-party accessories. However, the MacBook equipped with USB type-C interface itself is a forward-looking move. The interface not only has high transmission rate, but also has the characteristics of high-power power supply, and can transmit and supply power at the same time. Many peripherals can be connected directly with only one cable.

In addition, there are rumors that the new Mac update model that Cook said “please look forward to” is expected to be equipped with USB type-C interface in the second half of this year. This means that in the near future, if you want to connect your iPhone to a newly purchased Mac, you need to buy a converter or adapter cable. It seems ironic.

More convenient

Many users always carry three kinds of cables with them every time they go out, including lightning cables for IOS devices, USB type-C cables for macbooks, USB cables for conventional mobile power supplies, thunderbolt cables, etc. There are so many disposable lines, which is very troublesome.

Intel is aware of this, so the thunderbolt 3 protocol can also use the USB type-C interface. In the future, when there is a thunderbolt device, it can bring one less cable. However, the most important iPhone is not. You must prepare a USB type-C adapter or take a converter with you. You must mess up the whole table before you can start working. At this time, if all devices are USB type-C interfaces, how once and for all.

In most cases, the usefulness of an interface standard is very easy to reflect. Especially in an emergency, don’t rush to distinguish various interfaces and cables, and don’t worry about being confused with the cables of family or friends. In any case, it is almost certain that iPhone will be more convenient if it uses USB type-C interface.

Better environment

Face it, with fewer and fewer interfaces, it is difficult to describe a device as “simple or concise” at this stage. After tens of millions of new iPhone 7 series are shipped, it means that lightning and 3.5 mm headphone jack converters appear on the market, as well as hundreds of millions of lightning audio adapters Lightning headphones and third-party accessories, etc.

In fact, after removing the 3.5mm interface, iPhone users carry a lot of things, and more and more related products on the market are finally equivalent to creating more e-waste. Apple has always claimed that it attaches great importance to the environment and ecology, but it wastes more materials to manufacture and encourages third parties to create more electronic components.

You might say that if the new iPhone is a USB type-C interface, it still needs a USB type-C headset and a USB type-C to 3.5 mm Jack converter. But in this case, you still have less to carry with you, because you no longer need to prepare two sets of cables for apple and non Apple devices, even with a Mac.

Usb-c dream

At the apple press conference, apple executive Phil Schiller said that apple is the manufacturer with the most “courage” to delete the headphone jack. However, Apple’s stubborn privatization of lightning interface seems to have nothing to do with “courage”. Indeed, businessmen have the mind of businessmen. After all, exclusive interface is one of the ways to create income.

However, there are many examples of the “downfall” of exclusive interfaces in history. Previously, there were not many exclusive interfaces created by Sony. Some of them persisted for more than a year or two or ten years, but they were finally eliminated with the trend of history. In other words, we don’t know whether Apple has considered it internally. What if a future generation of iPhone suddenly changes to usb-c interface?

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