Ups and CVs said they were working together to develop UAV prescription drugs and retail product delivery services from CVS stores to American homes. The partnership means UPS flight forward, a subsidiary of UPS UAV business, is involved in the retail business for the first time. To date, the subsidiary has focused on delivery inside and outside the hospital.

Kyle Peterson, a UPS spokesman, said that the project was just in its infancy and needed additional exemption from the government, and the time was still being finalized. At present, there are few details about the actual test of CVs and UPS, and neither company has disclosed where this exploratory service may first appear.

UPS also said that the company cooperates with three new health care organizations for UAV delivery, namely the University of Utah, Kaiser Permanente and amerisourcebergen.

At present, more and more companies are committed to launching UAV delivery services in the United States, including Amazon, Google’s parent company, DHL and others. These drones can shorten the delivery time to a few minutes instead of a few days. After years of building drones, Amazon is now piloting drone delivery in the UK. Wing, owned by Google’s parent company alphabet, began transporting fresh food in Australia by UAV this year.

However, the operation of UAVs in the United States is still strictly limited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which requires most UAVs to fly within the operator’s line of sight.

UPS began to launch UAV delivery services at wakemed hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. These UAVs facilitate the transportation of laboratory samples back and forth between adjacent buildings and the central laboratory center. UPS said that it may take three to four hours for ordinary express companies to deliver these samples, but the drone reduces the time to a few minutes, which may save doctors valuable time to obtain laboratory results. UPS says it has delivered more than 1500 UAVs on wakemed.

FAA awarded UPS 135 partial standard certification, which enables the company to complete the same work as wakemed in almost all other hospitals in the United States. Now, the company hopes to expand the service to provide medical supplies and laboratory samples inside and outside the hospital.

To this end, the company said it would launch UAV services on the University of Utah Campus. UPS also said that it is now working with Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare provider, to explore UAV delivery for its 39 hospital network. Finally, drug distributor amerisourcebergen cooperates with ups to use its UAV to provide drugs, materials and records to the medical park.

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