In 1971, the 4004 microprocessor produced by Intel marked the birth of the CPU. Subsequently, the "Wintel" alliance formed by Intel and Microsoft's Windows system replaced IBM's dominance and became the real standard of the computing industry. Performance servers and cloud servers. Since then, the CPU-centric computing architecture has dominated the development of the information age and supported the rise of cloud computing.

After the iteration and development of technology, under the big waves of the market, leading cloud manufacturers at home and abroad have precipitated the development of the industry, such as Google, AWS, NVIDIA, etc. in foreign countries, and Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Huawei Cloud are the main ones in China. Chinese cloud vendors are already at the same starting line as global giants in terms of technical capabilities, market size, and ecology.

At the same time, under the wave of the digital economy, there is a strong demand for digital transformation in thousands of industries, and direct invocation of elastic, high-concurrency, and heterogeneous cloud computing power is a more economical and ideal choice, which also creates opportunities for major cloud manufacturers. new opportunities.

For cloud vendors, attracting customers with technology is no longer an advantage in the past, and the combination of technology and services is the new "magic weapon". How to build a nurturing ecosystem and service system to attract enterprises and make them unique among the cloud vendors in the cloud, and become the core of everyone's competition. The war on the cloud has entered a new chapter in ecological services.

Core Requirements of Enterprises in the Cloud Market

The cloud computing market is developing rapidly. According to the data forecast of research institutions, the overall scale of China's cloud computing market has reached 100 billion, and it is expected to exceed 1 trillion by 2025. The rapid development of the market has also brought about rapid changes in the cloud ecological environment. Technology, customer needs, and partnerships are constantly evolving along with the expansion of scale and the deepening of applications.

In the past, the key customers of cloud computing were mainly Internet companies. These companies have strong IT development and technical capabilities. Going to the cloud can upgrade computing power performance and empower business benefits for companies, releasing huge value. Cloud manufacturers only need to focus on the technical base, opening up a convenient path for enterprises to go to the cloud.

With the deepening of digitalization into all walks of life, the urgent digital needs of thousands of industries are not only simple to go to the cloud and meet basic IT technologies, but also need more solutions to solve specific business scenarios of characteristic industries and meet specific business applications. . All walks of life use cloud services, and they hope to introduce new technologies and new businesses through cloud computing and cloud ecology to release value. At the same time, in addition to the support of computing power and business, enterprises also need to open up the resources of the industrial chain. Interconnection and resource sharing of common interests have become the connection methods favored by many enterprises. Long-term enterprises no longer choose zero-sum games. The form of competition, symbiosis and strength together to make the cake bigger has become the consensus of many enterprises.

We can see that users in the cloud market not only have high demand for cloud technology, but also have clear requirements for specific business scenarios and ecological services in an environment where Internet dividends are fading. Rich ecological products are no longer the only thing that attracts users. The targeted services and rights and interests of ecological resources have become the key considerations for selection.

Cloud vendors have also changed their thinking amid changes in market demand, and need to empower the digital transformation of thousands of industries with more concrete, professional, and segmented service forms. At the same time, cloud manufacturers also need to be clearly aware of the boundaries of their capabilities, so as to truly nourish the growth of everything in the ecosystem, create prosperity together, and allow the ecosystem to develop in a healthy way.

Alibaba Cloud, the leading goose among cloud vendors, has also upgraded its ecological services in the changing environment of the cloud market, providing new ideas for the construction of the cloud industry ecosystem.

Upgraded ecological proposition

With the continuous deepening of cloud computing scenarios and businesses, the cooperation model between Alibaba Cloud and its partners has evolved from the earliest public cloud distribution model to the stage of co-creation of product solutions, large-scale project cooperation, and joint marketing and sales. The partner system has also become More complex.

"The more complex the partner system is, the more important it is to have a clear division of labor and clear boundaries. Alibaba Cloud must abide by the boundaries and let partners lead the way."President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Global SalesCai Yinghua said at the 2022 Alibaba Cloud Partner Conference.

Alibaba Cloud has comprehensively upgraded the core proposition of the ecology and the support of rights and interests, and changed the strategic thinking of services. Specifically, it mainly includes the following aspects:

1. The division of labor is clear. Based on the capability model of ecological partners, we should adapt to ecological partners instead of letting partners adapt to Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud categorizes ecological partners into distribution partners, integration partners, consulting partners, solution ISV partners, product ISV partners, etc. according to the capability labels of ecological partners, and has specially established corresponding ecological teams to provide special service partners.

2. Stick to boundaries. Professional things are left to professional people, and industry knowledge and upper-level application capabilities are more complemented by partners. Alibaba Cloud continues to focus on core technologies and general platform capabilities to promote the integration, scenario-based, and scale of solutions. to better serve the development of the industry.

3. Fully open core industry intelligence capabilities to ecological partners. Alibaba Cloud fully opens the industry data platform capabilities and industry intelligence engine capabilities of the industry intelligence OpenTrek to partners, and serves the industry together with ISV and SI partners. Through a simple call interface, ecological partners can combine their own products and capabilities to form unique industry solutions.

In addition to the core proposition of ecology, Alibaba Cloud has also comprehensively upgraded the rights and interests system that ecological partners are most concerned about.

In terms of specific ecological service rights and interests, Alibaba Cloud has customized theA package of rights and interests system: In the next three years, 1 billion special funds will be invested to jointly serve 300 cities across the country with distribution partners; a collection of integration partners will be recommended in Alibaba Cloud-led projects; Partner services provide exclusive support for Chinese companies to go overseas and multinational companies to land in China; to protect the interests of ISV partners with clear product boundaries, and to integrate resources to help them expand customers and increase revenue; jointly build cloud technology delivery standards and improve service partners’ performance capabilities.

In Cai Yinghua's view, a perfect equity system forms a virtuous circle on the basis of value creation, value evaluation and value distribution. Alibaba Cloud and partners work together to create a synergy effect of 1+1>2 centered on the customer, and based on objective evaluation, the rights and interests shared with partners must meet the expectations of partners.

Whether it is the investment of real money, or the expansion of more subdivided exclusive service resources and scale, it means that Alibaba Cloud has further improved the service flow of cloud manufacturers in addition to the technical flow. The core supporting the ecological service and rights system originates from the cloud services that Alibaba Cloud has accumulated over the years,The technical strength of cloud computing.

Prosperous ecological technology base

The core proposition and rights support of the ecology are inseparable from the support of Alibaba Cloud in the underlying technology.

Alibaba Cloud has more than ten years of accumulated cloud computing underlying technology, with Feitianyun operating system as the core, self-developed chips, servers, computing, storage, network, security and other software and hardware integration of new computing architecture, including Luoshen Network, Pangu Storage It can bring powerful, general, and inclusive computing capabilities to service partners. A number of self-developed technologies such as Pangu and Shenlong have also been selected as the world's leading Internet scientific and technological achievements.

At the Alibaba Cloud 2022 summit in June, Zhang Jianfeng, president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, emphasized Alibaba Cloud's most important strategy this year, "Back to Basic", which is to return cloud computing services to the bottom layer and the source, and to do the most basic computing architecture innovation.

The combination of the dedicated processor CIPU designed by Alibaba Cloud for the new cloud data center and the Apsara operating system can bring industrial users a choice of higher cloud computing power production, low-cost services and flexibility. Even subdivided special industry applications can still get full support. Thousands of industries can solve industrial needs in meticulous services, and prosperous ecological support can also attract more partners to live, develop and evolve together. At the same time, thanks to the support of computing power and services, a large number of innovations will also grow, enabling industrial users to enhance market competitiveness and deepen the moat.

Up to now, thousands of enterprises have deeply integrated products on big data and AI platforms based on Alibaba Cloud's ecology, secondary development and construction of industry solutions, and a large number of practical implementations, which have penetrated into various locations in the market. In the digital government industry, Alibaba Cloud and China Water North announced to jointly build a water conservancy digital twin technology innovation center to promote the marketization of water conservancy digital twins and smart water conservancy-related technology products; Design Group, Henan Institute of Design and Research, Hisense Network Technology and many other partners have reached cooperation with Alibaba Cloud to work together to deepen services for digital transportation; in the manufacturing industry, Alibaba Cloud has teamed up with Beike Industrial Research to launch industrial intelligent application solutions for the steel industry. Technological breakthroughs in scenarios such as intelligent combustion of heating furnaces, data analysis of steel product quality, and optimization of energy consumption costs.

Whether it is the underlying cloud technology or cloud ecological services, Alibaba Cloud is implementing the "Back to Basic" tenet with actions, returning to the origin of technology and services. Under the driving and blessing of the underlying cloud technology and ecology, the growth of everything in the cloud market has entered a virtuous circle, which not only brings a new look to the digital transformation of thousands of industries under the digital economy, but also provides a new perspective for the development of China's software ecology. It has created fertile soil and promoted a new round of industrial waves.

The digital upgrade of the industry in the fourth industrial revolution has given participants greater potential. The superposition of productivity and innovation also accelerates the arrival of intelligent production and life in the digital age. Different cloud vendors and diverse ecosystems, with thousands of solutions and applications behind them, have set off a migration for us to connect all things. This time the story of the industrial revolution unfolds, and it may be written by the software ecology defined by China.

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