If you’re in New York and I’m in Beijing, I’ll make an appointment to meet at a virtual world address. Five minutes later, we cross the earth, pat our shoulders, shake hands. Is this possible?

Or one morning in the near future, you can get up without even having to wash, wear comfortable slippers, and have a meeting with colleagues without going out. Is this possible?

Xiaobian once predicted that in the future, we human beings will live in cyberspace, and the real world will become a distant ancient history. In 3500 years, people in cyberspace will explore a new virtual world. Do you believe that?

Today, we put down the orthodox speculation on the development trend of the industry and have a big brain opening and unreliable speculation.

Unreliable speculation about the future of virtual reality

The future, it has uncertainty, which is also its lovely place. Just like when the mobile phone first appeared, who would have thought that the mobile phone used to be able to develop into the appearance of the smart phone now. In other words, what will virtual reality technology develop into in the future? Who knows.

Maybe now I am sprinting on the strange alien Road, and the terrain and waves around me are constantly changing. What I drive is not a family car, but an alien warship full of science fiction. Warships come from meteorite swarms; they come through constant friction with comets; or they gallop through black holes. Every scene makes you scared, immersed in it, you can’t tell whether it is virtual or real.

The mixture of the virtual and the real is just its terrible place. With the continuous improvement of immersion, the user’s sense of reality is stronger. To some extent, they will regard virtual space as reality, just like the matrix. Although VR technology can not read our thoughts or other information, but technology is constantly developing, but uncontrollable situation appears, it may also become a nightmare we have to face.

Unreliable speculation about the future of virtual reality

In movies, virtual reality is not necessarily a beautiful existence, some are a survival game, some are dominated in the virtual world without self-knowledge, they can not distinguish dream and reality. When the era of “VR +” comes, does it mean that human beings should gradually become popular from the initial curiosity to the continuous research and development of practitioners. However, at that time, we would be dominated by VR?

Why are some people so worried? This is from the function of VR itself. Many manufacturers will think of the immersive feeling that VR devices bring to people when they develop their products, which is the so-called immersive experience. It sounds very emotional, but frankly, it is deceiving our brain to drive virtual interaction with a new look.

Out of control immersion can turn into addiction. Now, virtual reality devices, it is really difficult to completely cheat the brain. But in the future, with the continuous development of technology, will the virtual world and the real world be confused?

The horror charm of virtual reality is tempting us, which is a challenge. Is there an insurmountable red line in VR technology? If there is one, are we going to hold back in order to avoid it? The answer is No. Because we must not stop because of any difficulties. Science and technology itself is a double-edged sword. The development of any new thing is full of difficulties and challenges in the initial stage. While we enjoy the achievements of science and technology, we have to bear the risk of opening Pandora’s box.

Unreliable speculation about the future of virtual reality

VR is one of the pioneers of the next generation of computer technology development. It has the inevitability and rationality of its existence. It also has a bright future when combined with different fields. However, the above conjectures need not be worried. After all, virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, and it still needs a long process to mature.

Sometimes, Xiaobian often thinks, is the mind controlling the body, or the body produces thinking. The existence of virtual reality has its inevitability, which is created by some contingency.

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