Sponsored by the science and technology development service center of China Federation of electric power enterprises and the power industry transmission and distribution technology cooperation network, and organized by China Energy Research Institute (Beijing) Electric Power Science Research Institute, “the 5th 2019 UAV inspection technology exchange meeting for power industry” opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. More than 300 experts, scholars, management and technical personnel from various provinces (cities) power companies, UAV technology companies, university research institutes and other power industry UAV field attended the meeting. Universal aircraft was also invited to share the theme.

The conference focused on the theme of “intelligence, efficiency, innovation and development”, and set up an authoritative and core theme forum, “image recognition and processing of aviation operations in the power industry”, “UAV Deepening Application Innovation in the power industry” and a technology salon with the theme of “UAV application expansion in the power field”, aiming to pass keynote reports and seminars , technology salon, on-site observation and other forms of participation, in the field of power industry UAV pulse trends, share achievements, explore the frontier.

Mr. Wu Wei, general manager of Puzhou aircraft technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., elaborated the development and application of UAV image intelligent algorithm in power inspection, which brought AI Artificial Intelligence and multi-sensor fusion full stack power operation and maintenance solution.

Fast mosaic, real-time preview, high-precision 3D reconstruction

Universal saga uses cloud 3D modeling, space altimetry, ranging, area measurement and space identification, and RTK technology improves the positioning accuracy to centimeter level. Depth + transfer learning, autonomous training, orthophoto + infrared computer vision

Deep learning

Universal technology brings AI, artificial intelligence and multi-sensor fusion of full stack power operation and maintenance solutions

Universal saga can quickly select and automatically track moving targets, assist accurate positioning, so as to realize intelligent patrol. After deep learning, it can recognize up to 30 kinds of targets.

The 30x visible light zoom pan tilt can focus the details of the parts in the tower clearly. In the fine inspection of the power field, universal saga uses RTK (real time kinematic) carrier phase difference technology to realize centimeter level positioning, and automatically generates the fine inspection route of the tower through machine learning or intelligent identification of the tower parts.

In the autonomous inspection of universal UAV, the deep learning algorithm is applied twice to realize the automatic and accurate selection of the photo points for the fine inspection of the tower body under visible light, as well as the accurate identification of the photos and defect locations with defects.

Saga’s three-axis mechanical stabilized pan tilt can not only greatly reduce the jitter (the camera jitter is controlled within 0.005 degrees), but also compensate for the change of UAV attitude, so that the camera can keep level and capture stable and smooth images in high-speed motion.

The infrared resolution and frame rate of infrared pan tilt with saga configuration can reach 800* [email protected] The temperature range is – 20 ~ 150 ℃, and supports 10 kinds of false color mode switching, picture in picture and dual light switching. There are four display modes: infrared, visible light, infrared picture in picture and visible light picture in picture.

Universal infrared image analysis system can quickly classify, name and analyze infrared images. According to the temperature, temperature difference and other conditions, we can quickly screen out the abnormal hot spots, quickly mark the defects and hidden dangers, and generate the infrared temperature measurement report with one key.

AI recognition of infrared pan tilt the target detection and recognition system mounted on infrared can quickly select and automatically track moving targets. After deep learning, it can recognize up to 30 kinds of targets, so as to realize intelligent patrol at night.

The communication docking scheme of universal saga mainly includes short-term scheme and long-term scheme. In the near future, 4G communication module is mainly used in the ground station to access the back-end data server, or the standardized handheld client is used to access the large system with unified interface standard. The image data in the load can be obtained in time, and the real scene can be transformed into digital assets.

Universal saga communication docking scheme

Puzhou professional aircraft is highly stable and reliable with guaranteed safety; a number of PTZ cameras are available to meet the inspection requirements in different scenes; a number of AI Artificial Intelligence Applications: preset inspection route, and the subsequent automatic inspection operation can be realized without manual intervention. It can not only be used for power fine inspection, but also can be used in power channel inspection management, power vegetation management and night inspection.

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