In order to force device manufacturers represented by smartphones to support universal standard chargers, the European Commission and the European Parliament have restarted a plan. If the policy is passed, companies, including iPhone maker apple, will have to use the same connection to reduce unnecessary e-waste. However, apple argues that forcing consumers to switch from lighting to another type of connection may lead to consumer dissatisfaction and stifle innovation.

This idea of the European Union has been repeatedly mentioned in the past decade. After some urging, there are only a few versions of USB connection on the market, including the lighting standard dominated by apple.

Recent discussions have shown that authorities can put more pressure on the industry to use universal chargers more widely. MAROS sefcovic, vice president of institutional relations and foresight of the European Commission, told the financial times that they would focus on policy choices. This includes both regulatory and non regulatory measures to achieve this goal. The new proposal will bring greater convenience to consumers and minimize e-waste.

There have been many criticisms of the European Union’s efforts to force apple to give up its private lighting connection   The manufacturer also issued its first statement on the matter.

Alh4534361702761472 universal charging connector may hinder innovation and cause a lot of waste

The company believes that quitting lighting will bring inconvenience to hundreds of millions of consumers. And in the process of transferring to another connection mode, an unprecedented amount of e-waste will be generated. Apple said that forcing all smartphones to adopt a unified connector type would largely stifle rather than encourage innovation, and that doing so would harm consumers in Europe and around the world.

Apple hopes that the European Commission will continue to seek better solutions to unleash the industry’s innovation capabilities and bring exciting new technologies to its customers.

In December last year, Apple also commissioned Copenhagen electronics to conduct a study on connectors. It was determined that 49% of households used different types of connectors, but only 0.4% of respondents said they often encountered major problems caused by incompatible charging devices. If you forcibly vacate the lighting connector, it will make a lot of lighting   Accessories (including car adapters and speakers with docking function) will be swept into the e-waste dump.

The good news is that apple is already there   iPad   Pro Series product line is ready to switch to a more universal usb-c connector standard. Unfortunately, on the smartphone side, the company is still using the transitional c-to-l transfer scheme for the iPhone 11 series product line.


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