United Airlines recently confirmed to order 50 ultra long-range Airbus a321xlr aircraft to replace its fleet of old aircraft and expand its transatlantic routes from important us hubs such as Newark / New York and Washington, D.C. United Airlines plans to receive its first ultra long range a321xlr in 2024 and put it into international airline operation in 2025.

“At present, the routes between some extremely important cities in our international route network are still operated by old and inefficient aircraft. The new ultra long range a321xlr is an ideal choice to replace these aircraft one by one.” Andrewnocella, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of United Airlines, said, “in addition to making our operations more efficient, the ultra long range a321xlr can also open up new potential destinations, further expand our route network and provide more choices for our customers’ global travel.”

“I am very glad to ‘unite’ with our friends in Chicago again and thank them for their trust in us. The management of United Airlines’ choice of the ultra long range a321xlr is a high recognition of the range, payload and fuel efficiency of this most advanced aircraft.” Christiansheller, chief commercial officer of Airbus, said, “the outstanding versatility and performance of the ultra long range a321xlr has achieved new operational efficiency beyond the existing limits of airlines.”

The ultra long range a321xlr is the next revolutionary model developed by Airbus in the a320neo/a321neo aircraft family in response to the market demand for longer range and larger load of single channel aircraft. Compared with other competitive models, it can achieve longer route economic operation and create more value for airlines. The aircraft will allow routes from the east coast of the United States to more destinations in Europe.

The ultra long range a321xlr will be able to provide an unprecedented ultra long range, up to 4700 nautical miles, 15% more than the long range a321lr, and 30% less fuel consumption per seat than the previous generation of competitive aircraft. The maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of this aircraft is 101 tons, and its take-off, climb and other flight performances are not significantly different from those of the a321neo.

The ultra long range a321xlr and a321neo are equipped with the same crew, the same engine and the same cabin, and their versatility exceeds 90%. The ultra remote a321xlr combines the two rear center tanks of the a321neo into one, increasing fuel capacity and reducing structural weight. Other significant changes include structural enhancements and landing gear improvements to increase maximum take-off weight, improve braking capacity and higher tire speed limits, and increase the configuration of flaps and slats.

By using the Airbus flexible cabin (ACF) fuselage, the ultra long range a321xlr can adopt a variety of cabins and layouts suitable for long-distance flights.

By the end of October 2019, Airbus a320neo series aircraft had received more than 7000 confirmed orders from more than 110 customers around the world.

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