In December 2021, the 2021 Jiangsu Lighting Forum and the "3rd (2021) Yangtze Cup Lighting Technology Award" award ceremony, with the theme of "Smart Digital Health Co-creation", will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu.

Leaders of associations such as China Lighting Academy and China Lighting Association, representatives of urban lighting management departments in various cities in Jiangsu Province, representatives of Unilumin Technology, Nanjing Likong and other enterprises attended the conference to jointly explore new opportunities for development and promote new development of the industry.

As the only authoritative lighting award in Jiangsu Province that has been filed by the government management department, the "Yangtze Cup Lighting Technology Award" aims to reward the units that have made outstanding contributions in the field of lighting, and the competition is fierce.

In this awarding session, Unilumin Technology successfully won two awards through promotion, application, inspection and review. "System Transformation Project" won the "Engineering Demonstration Award"

At the conference site, Li Yuchen, general manager of Unilumin Technology's Digital Intelligence Information Department, delivered a speech on the topic of "AI scene linkage and smart street lights".

General Manager Li Yuchen proposed that the smart light pole is not only a light pole, but also serves as the end of the industry information collection and undertakes the mission of perception and interaction. It can be managed and controlled in a unified manner through the terminal, integrates "perception and interoperability", strengthens "data backhaul", and combines "Internet of Things access" to consolidate the digital foundation for urban smart upgrades.

In the face of the widespread application of ultra-high-scoring visualization data in urban management, he said that smart light poles combined with 5G technology create a perception network, provide data resources and functional module interfaces for service developers, and then build an "urban middle-office center". . At present, the city is facing a smart upgrade. Through the unified platform of smart street lights, the environment can be sensed in real time, and the command can be dispatched in time to help the government "good governance", industry "prosperity", and people's livelihood "benefit the people".

This forum disclosed and interpreted the "Smart Light Pole Patent Navigation White Paper" for the first time. The "White Paper" was jointly issued by the Jiangsu Lighting Society and the Jiangsu Invention Association. It is of great research value to analyze the relevant patents of industry benchmarking companies.

Over the years, Unilumin Technology has continued to cultivate the LED light display industry. Through continuous technological innovation, it has formed a complete LED lighting product line and one-stop solution, which can provide the society and the masses with indoor high-end lighting, smart poles, sports Full-scene customized services such as lighting and landscape lighting have created a large number of successful cases, which will continue to add luster to people's better lives in the future.

Original title: Unilumin Technology has won two awards in the Yangzi Cup Lighting Technology Award!

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