A few days ago, the first domestic LED movie projection system jointly developed by the China Film Science and Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd. and other units was awarded the 2021 Film Technology Innovation Achievement of the Film High-tech Professional Committee of the China Film and Television Technology Society.

China Film and Television Technology Society, founded in 1982, is an authoritative institution engaged in technical exchange, application, standard formulation and certification of film, television and related industries in the country, and plays an important leading role in the development of my country’s film and television technology.

Leading technology and the first to pass Hollywood DCI certification

In May of this year, the UC-A41 LED movie projection system became the first in my country and the fourth domestic LED movie projection system in the world to pass the testing and certification of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) after Samsung, Sony and LG.

Unilumin has also become the first LED display company in my country to have this authoritative certification.

The LED cinema screen created by Unilumin for the film projection system has achieved a series of innovations and breakthroughs in technology, and the cost has been greatly reduced, laying a solid foundation for the popularization and application of LED cinema screens, reflecting the highest domestic LED film display technology. In some technical fields, it has overtaken international companies in curves, and accelerated the entry of theaters into the era of higher-tech formats with stronger impact and higher-quality images.

4K resolution for higher viewing clarity

Size 16.384X8.64m DCI-certified world’s largest 4K LED movie display

Color gamut DCI-P3 level; 40000:1 ultra-high contrast and color gamut, more perfect presentation of movie quality

Integration of software and hardware system screen and playback server;

The localization of core software and hardware systems can be flexibly arranged to increase the audience’s viewing space and enhance the experience;

Independent intellectual property rights, controllable industrial chain, greatly reducing costs

Leading the commercialization process of domestic LED display technology with the first application

On July 1, 2021, the LED film projection system will be implemented in the supporting cinema of the Communist Party of China History Exhibition Hall. In more than three months, it successfully assisted the film theater to build a “red projection base” for party history learning, and showed the latest achievements of my country’s independent innovation in film technology to the audience and leaders who came to watch the film.

Unilumin LED cinema screen floor application

Every application and every recognition of Unilumin’s LED movie projection system will play an important demonstration and boost role for domestic LED displays to enter the 100 billion market of cinema display.

As a forerunner who continues to deepen the LED cinema display market, Unilumin hopes to make positive contributions to the development of the industry and a better audio-visual life for people with every solid step, and to work with industry partners to jointly promote domestic LED cinema display technology to the world!

Original title: Unilumin’s LED movie projection system was awarded the 2021 Film Science and Technology Innovation Achievement!

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