When Gao Yuanyuan, Volvo’s brand ambassador and national goddess, appeared, the already lively booth was instantly boiling. In a warm atmosphere, Gao Yuanyuan sincerely shared his philosophy of life and his recognition of Volvo’s product philosophy to the audience.

And when the theme of “Only love and life cannot be let down” appeared on the big screen, cars and life were no longer separated, and Volvo’s brand image became more and more popular.

This is a scene that took place at the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show on August 29, and the most important visual carrier for the theme sharing – the LED display behind the goddess is provided by Unilumin.

In fact, at this auto industry event that brought together 126 famous auto brands and exhibited 1,600 high-quality automobiles in the auto industry, Unilumin left its mark far more than Volvo.

At the booth of Bentley, a first-tier ultra-luxury car brand, Unilumin successfully used a large screen to embellish a simple and stylish space, showing the style of the big brands. Against the backdrop of the big screen, the Bentley Flying Spur, Bentayga PHEV, Continental GT and other models on display became more and more dazzling, attracting the audience to take pictures.

Stepping into the FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q2L conference site, the 100-square-meter Unilumin display screen is also eye-catching as the main background. With its delicate and high-definition display quality, it is an audio-visual feast that integrates display, video, and music.

At the domestic debut of Genesis G70, a Korean luxury car brand, Unilumin used 400 square meters of various screens including special-shaped screens to make the entire booth full of sports and technological elements. The immersive booth experience made the audience unable to stop.

This time, Unilumin has built a cool booth with a sense of technology and design for the four ultra-luxury and luxury car brands of Bentley, Audi, Volvo and Genesis, which is the latest achievement of Unilumin’s continuous deepening of the automotive industry.

Over the years, through continuous innovation, Unilumin has formed full-scene LED display products including transparent screens, creative display screens, smart signs, etc. and comprehensive solutions for light display in the automotive industry, which have been successfully applied to Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi , Honda, Volkswagen, Hyundai and other world-renowned car brands are all over the world in showrooms, 4S stores and press conferences.

The 2021 Chengdu Auto Show is still in full swing. Welcome to the West China International Expo City to experience the charm of automobiles and enjoy the gluttonous visual feast.

Original title: Bentley, Audi and other luxury cars are highly standard, and Unilumin’s big screen shines at the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show!

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