As a popular green way of travel, electric bicycles have always been the direction that manufacturers pay great attention to to ensure the efficient, safe and fast transmission of internal power supply. High-quality electric bicycles basically use high-reliability industrial connectors to help the car body realize power connection. The BD20 series of high-end industrial connectors crafted by CNLINKO Electric has the characteristics of small size, stability and reliability, fast charging, fast plugging and unplugging, and high waterproof. It is a very popular aviation plug product for electric bicycle manufacturers.
CNLINKO’s reliable connection solution helps electric bicycles
The power connector plays an important role in electric bicycles, and it is the key to ensuring the flow of electricity. At present, most electric bicycles use lithium batteries. The battery pack composed of lithium batteries is the power source of the electric bicycle, which supplies power to the motor to drive the electric bicycle. The battery pack powers the motors and is incorporated into the power connector. Since electric bicycles have extremely high requirements for connector miniaturization, stability and reliability during driving, fast charging, convenient operation and waterproof, many electric bicycle manufacturers will choose aviation plug connections that are more close to the above demands. to assume the role of the power connection.

BD series product display

BD series aviation plug connector, as a new design of CNLINKO Electric, is an ingenious work with both industrial attributes and artistic beauty. It won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2021. It is highly compatible with the demands of electric bicycles in terms of function. , so it is widely used in the field of electric bicycles. In CNLINKO’s electric bicycle connection solution, the lithium battery pack uses the BD20 power connector in the process of powering the motor.

Application Scenario Diagram of BD Series Products

Outstanding Advantages, Highly Compatible with Connection Requirements

What are the specific advantages and characteristics of CNLINKO’s BD series aviation plug connectors in ensuring the internal power connection of electric bicycles and vehicle charging?

1. Smaller and lighter, no extra weight added to the electric bicycle
The BD20 series aviation plug adopts the snap button embedded design, which effectively reduces the distance between the installation panel and the exposed product, and the overall volume is exquisite and compact. The BD series covers plastic and metal models. The plastic model is made of high-performance outdoor engineering plastic material, which is lighter in weight. This makes the BD20 not occupy too much space inside the electric bicycle, and it will not bring too much extra. weight.

2. The connection is more stable and reliable, and the operation is faster
The BD20 aviation plug adopts the in-line snap connection method and the three-point locking structure design, and the connection is stable; in the cable connection method, the BD20 adopts the welding wire connection method, and the connection is more secure. This will ensure that the electric bicycle will not loosen when it faces road vibrations and impacts during driving, and the connection is stable and firm. In addition, the BD series three-point locking connection structure design can ensure quick insertion and removal with one hand, allowing the connection to be in place in one step, efficient and fast operation, and saving the user’s assembly time. This design is independently developed by CNLINKO and has obtained a national invention patent.

3. Efficient conduction, safe and reliable, more suitable for fast charging
CNLINKO’s BD20 industrial connector uses high-quality copper alloy contacts, supplemented by gold-plated surface treatment, and has better electrical conductivity. It has a rated current of up to 20A and a working voltage of AC500V. It is more suitable for the fast charging function of electric bicycles and can realize fast charging. The current connection is turned on. Under long-time conduction, the temperature rise of the BD series does not exceed 30K, which fully complies with national safety standards. It will not overheat during continuous charging and is safer to use.

4. High waterproof, avoid water intrusion in car wash or outdoor environment
The BD20 industrial connector adopts a sealing structure and a silicone rubber sealing ring between the socket and the box, the plug and the socket, and the plug and the cable, which can ensure that the product reaches the highest protection level of IP68, and effectively prevent the electric bicycle from being damaged when the car is washed, or in the car. Water intrusion during outdoor parking and driving will affect the normal operation of the connector.

Of course, the BD20 aviation plug plastic model also has a wide range of temperature from -25°C to +85°C, which can meet the adaptability of electric bicycles to outdoor temperature differences in four seasons; the streamlined appearance and hollow slip-back design are very fashionable and beautiful, and also It conforms to the principle of ergonomics and has a better sense of use.

Nowadays, electric bicycles have become one of the main means of transportation for short-distance commuting, especially in many small and medium-sized cities. As green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon have become a global consensus, electric bicycles, as a green and environmentally friendly travel mode with outstanding cost advantages, will usher in a golden development period in the future under the double drive of policies and demands. As a result, the demand for connectors will increase, and more stringent requirements will be placed on the quality and performance of connectors. And those high-quality industrial connectors with high quality and high performance will stand out and become popular.

Shenzhen Lingke Electric Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that always insists on independent research and development, and practices the spirit of ingenuity to create every industrial connector product. At present, CNLINKO Electric has won nearly 100 various patented technologies, and its products have obtained authoritative certifications from China, the United States, and the European Union, such as UL, TUV, and CQC, and comply with CE, RoHS, REACH, and other environmental standards. With strong R&D strength and quality assurance system, CNLINKO Electric will continue to create high-fit, high-performance, and high-reliability aviation plug connector products, empowering the electric bicycle industry, and helping environmental protection and low-carbon causes.

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