What is a connector

Connector is a kind of component that our electronic engineering and technical personnel often contact. Its function is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function. Connector is an indispensable part of electronic equipment, along the current flow path, you will always find one or more connectors. The form and structure of connector are changeable. With the different application objects, frequency, power and application environment, there are various types of connectors. For example, the connectors used to light a light on the court are quite different from those of a hard disk drive, or to ignite a rocket. However, no matter what kind of connector, it is necessary to ensure that the current flows smoothly, continuously and reliably.

Understand the connector and connector

In general, the connector is not only connected with the current. With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, the carrier of signal transmission in optical fiber system is light. Glass and plastic replace the wire in ordinary circuit, but connectors are also used in optical signal path, and their functions are the same as circuit connectors. Since we only care about circuit connector, this course will introduce circuit connector and its application closely combined with products of Molex company.

What is a connector

In essence, the connector is composed of two parts, namely the plug-in and the connector. In general, they can be completely separated. The similarities between the switch and the connector lie in the change of the contact state of the contact pair to realize the conversion purpose of the connected circuit. The essential difference is that the connector only has two states of insertion and removal, and the switch can realize the circuit on its body The contact pairs of connectors have a fixed corresponding relationship.

Some of the technical specifications of the connector are similar to the switch, such as contact resistance, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, torque and service life. The service life of the connector is generally much lower than that of the switch, but its contact reliability should be much higher than that of the switch.

Related information

The main supporting fields of electrical connectors include transportation, communication, network, it, medical treatment, home appliances, etc. the rapid development of product technology and the rapid growth of market in the supporting fields strongly promote the development of connector technology. So far, connector has developed into a complete range of products, rich varieties and specifications, diverse structural types, subdivision of professional direction, obvious industry characteristics, serialization and specialization of standard system and specification.

Generally speaking, the development of connector technology presents the following characteristics: high speed and digitization of signal transmission, integration of all kinds of signal transmission, miniaturization and miniaturization of product volume, low cost of product, surface pasting of connector termination mode, combination of modules, convenience of plug-in, etc. The above technologies represent the development direction of connector technology, but it should be noted that the above technologies are not necessary for all connectors, and the requirements for the above technologies are completely different for connectors in different supporting fields and environments.

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