Music, for human beings, is of positive significance. Good music cultivates sentiment and gives people a positive motivation to move forward. It has become an indispensable part of many people's lives. Music lovers not only need the company of music in their daily life, but also look for opportunities to listen to concerts or go to the concert venue to feel the atmosphere surrounded by music, but not everyone has time to listen to music. Yes, listening to music with headphones is very inconvenient, and it will affect hearing health over time. People urgently need a device with excellent sound effects to provide a more perfect way to listen to music.

In fact, the way of listening to music with headphones is more suitable for scenarios such as on the way to work or while traveling. It is not suitable at home, and it is better to play music outside. However, if you use your mobile phone to play music, the sound quality is not very good. Relatively speaking, the volume is much lower, and at the same time, it is quite noisy, and you cannot appreciate the true beauty of music. But if there is a large-screen device that can bring outstanding sound effects, then all the problems can be solved, and you can feel the sound like a concert scene at home. It is the Huawei Smart Screen.

In terms of technical parameters, Huawei Smart Screen is no inferior to a professional sound bar. It also has a screen with ambient light effect. The ambient light module is placed under the center of the screen. When we play music or there is a system notification At the time, this module can emit soft dynamic lighting, which looks very technical and aesthetic.

In addition, the audio system of Huawei Smart Screen also uses 6 full-range speaker units + 2 tweeter units + 1 woofer unit + 1 pair of passive radiators, bringing a strong power of 65W, only need to have Huawei Smart The screen is a product, you can experience the sound effects that are not inferior to those brought by professional audio products. If you use it to play music every day, you can feel the rich bass, full midrange and detailed treble effects, bringing more Immersive music experience.

In addition to its powerful hardware configuration, Huawei Smart Screen is not inferior to any other product in terms of software. Only good hardware and good algorithms can make users feel good sound quality. Huawei Smart Screen has Huawei Histen algorithm. This sound effect technology is the result of Huawei 2012 Laboratory Media Engineering Department making full use of first-class audio technology resources in Europe, America, Japan and China. The world-class sound enhancement technology created by the company adopts the latest and most advanced audio processing algorithms, combined with psychoacoustic models and auditory perception models, to maximize the performance of various audio devices and provide users with a perfect sound quality experience.

Huawei smart screen belts have exclusive sound field modeling. The sound field modeling can establish a virtual room sound field model according to the space of the room or the characteristics of the home, so as to match the best sound playback solution. The default audio parameters of traditional TV products are fixed, but the space structure and size of our living room are different, and the sound reflection effect of different decoration materials will also be different, so the fixed sound effect naturally cannot achieve the optimal effect.

The sound field modeling of Huawei's smart screen perfectly solves this problem. Huawei's smart screen can emit a specific pink noise wave through the audio unit, so that the sound wave has a reflection effect in the room, and then it is reflected back by the MIC of the large screen. After processing the main chip, a simulated room model is established, and finally the optimal audio parameters suitable for this model are automatically matched. For example, watching a football game at home late at night, you can build a virtual room sound field model according to the room space or home characteristics to match the best sound playback plan. Therefore, after a series of operations, whether it is a large space or a small space, Huawei Smart Screen will provide you with the most perfect sound quality, with a sound like the sound of nature.

If you also feel that it is inconvenient to listen to music with headphones, if you also want to have a sound like the sound of nature at home, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, just buy a Huawei smart screen and you can enjoy more than 10,000 yuan The sound experience allows you to get an immersive music experience at any time, as if you are in the middle of concerts, and feel the charm of music to the fullest.

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