4G network finds smart phones, and then quickly evolves into new applications. 5g technology and medical treatment should also find a point of convergence, otherwise 5g medical treatment can only stay in the conceptual stage.

5g telemedicine, the first is high-quality, high-speed network. High resolution pictures and videos can make doctors more timely and accurate to judge the patient’s condition, and better suit the medicine to the case. Full range coverage, uninterrupted network signal is conducive to doctors in remote surgery will not cause surgery interruption due to signal problems, threatening the lives of patients.

By using 5g technology to transmit 4K / 8K signals in real time, experts can guide the implementation of surgery in primary hospitals hundreds of kilometers away. During the operation, the experts watched the live broadcast of the operation, interacted with the chief surgeon of the primary hospital in real time, and guided the key points and difficult points of the operation in detail and accurately. The live video of the operation is clear and fluent, and the medical experts at both ends of the scene are like face-to-face communication. Remote live broadcast fully reflects the advantages of fast transmission speed, low delay and strong connection ability of 5G network. It ensures the safety of medical data and has a symbolic significance for promoting the medical efficiency and promoting the development of medical conjoined construction and Internet plus medical health.

Compared with previous generations, 5g network has the characteristics of single communication service, clear demand and focusing on communication technology itself. 5g network will be deeply combined with the medical industry to explore a new win-win business model with telemedicine and realize cross industry integration. 5g network will bring faster user experience speed, and the actual download speed can reach 1.25g/s; In the future, a large number of small base stations will be built, and remote areas can also cover the network.

Under 5g era, telemedicine will move towards mobility and convenience

Full duplex technology means that the transmitter and receiver of the equipment occupy the same frequency resources to work at the same time, which is the key to high throughput and low delay of 5g network. With 5g technology, doctors can access image information more quickly, carry out remote consultation and remote surgery. Hospitals in remote areas can conduct real-time video with doctors in Grade-A hospitals, so there is no need to cross mountains and mountains for minor diseases.

5g network can not only provide faster download speed, shorter delay, but also provide more secure data privacy protection, all of which are indispensable factors for the development of IOE. In addition, the severe health management situation also needs new technologies to liberate medical resources and give doctors more space to do more meaningful things.

In the 5g era, telemedicine will move towards mobility and service will be more convenient, but at the same time, it will bring management challenges in terms of regulations and quality. Telemedicine applications will go deep into communities and villages, and the beneficiaries will be more extensive. Various portable and wearable health detection and monitoring devices will emerge rapidly, and remote health management will be greatly developed.

Nowadays, more and more 5g combined technologies have been applied to medical and health: the second West China Hospital launched 24-hour 5g + VR neonatal visit service; The Fourth People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province launched ar remote acupuncture and VR remote B ultrasound services; The 5g urban medical emergency rescue system of Sichuan Provincial People’s hospital was applied to the earthquake relief work of Yibin Changning on June 17. In the era of 5g, people hope that telemedicine can benefit hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and bring changes to the uneven distribution of medical resources in urban and rural areas.

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