After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the public’s demand for disinfection and sterilization functions and products has been unprecedentedly high. In the context of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the attention of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection has continued to rise. Ultraviolet LED entrepreneurs are also encountering a major historical development opportunity, and their innovative products and technologies will also bring immeasurable social benefits to mankind.

As a pioneer in the domestic layout of the UV LED industry, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province has fully gathered government and social resources to vigorously stimulate the vitality of UV LED innovation and entrepreneurship. Recently, jointly sponsored by Shanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Changzhi Municipal People’s Government, Changzhi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance Ultraviolet LED Professional Committee, Shanxi Zhongke Lu’an The “First UV LED Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” jointly organized by Semiconductor Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Zhongke Lu’an Ultraviolet Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. officially kicked off.

The competition platform is now officially open to entry channels for innovative and entrepreneurial projects related to the ultraviolet LED optoelectronic industry across the country. Optoelectronic materials, epitaxy, devices, modules, and equipment, and ultraviolet LEDs are downstream in the fields of purification, disinfection, lighting, sterilization, and testing. Application innovation entrepreneurs can register for the competition through the designated entrance of the competition.

Policies first, Changzhi vigorously supports the development of UV LED industry

In August 2020, Lin Wu, then Deputy Secretary of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Governor, said at the 2nd UV LED International Conference and LED Industry Development Forum that the semiconductor industry will become a strategic emerging industry that Shanxi Province is striving to build, and will increase The industry’s talent introduction, enterprise cultivation, capital investment, technical research and promotion and application efforts. The UV LED and its application are an important development direction of the semiconductor industry and face a window period of rapid development. Shanxi will strengthen the overall coordination at the provincial level, increase policy support, promote the implementation of major demonstration projects, continuously improve the industrial service system, continue to optimize the innovation ecology and business environment, accelerate major scientific and technological research and achievement transformation, and build distinctive features and competition. Advantageous UV LED R&D base and industrial base.

To this end, Changzhi City has now strongly supported the UV LED industry as an important support and development engine for transformation and development. In order to create the ecological agglomeration effect of the UV LED industry, Changzhi City also released the “Changzhi City Third Generation” in 2019. Semiconductor UV LED Industry Development Plan”, the “Plan” clearly pointed out that in the next five years, we will focus on research and development of a number of internationally leading scientific and technological achievements, make a group of innovative enterprises with international competitiveness bigger and stronger, and gather a group of outstanding innovations Talents, build a group of well-known brands, and build Changzhi into a semiconductor optoelectronic innovation source, talent gathering place, and technology radiation place based in Shanxi, facing the whole country, and focusing on the world, becoming an important “growth pole” for Changzhi’s economic development and a powerful force for industrial transformation and upgrading. engine.

Changzhi High-tech Zone revolves around the construction of ultraviolet semiconductor optoelectronics industry clusters, guided by the construction of innovative characteristic parks, and with ultraviolet LED products as the core, to build an ultraviolet LED industry guided by policies, enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and combined with production, education and research. The “Ten Ones” innovation ecology further enhances industrial competitiveness and promotes high-quality development through measures such as improving the policy system, strengthening talent support, optimizing financial allocation, building innovative institutions, cultivating leading enterprises, and building brand effects. Changzhi High-tech Zone UV Semiconductor Optoelectronics Innovative Industrial Cluster was successfully selected as the 2021 Innovative Industrial Cluster Pilot of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the future, we will strive to build Changzhi High-tech Zone into the world’s largest energy-saving and environmentally friendly UV LED industry cluster.

After the construction of UV LED ecological elements such as projects, talents, funds, and industrial resources is completed, Changzhi City will also launch a series of business support policies to help high-quality enterprises operate stably and develop rapidly in Changzhi.

Beginning to take shape UV LED innovation resources continue to gather in Changzhi

At present, key enterprises in the UV LED industry chain, such as Zhongke Lu’an, Huawei UV, and Deep UV Smart, have all gathered in Changzhi High-tech Zone. Changzhi City already has the R&D and production of Zhongke Lu’an UV chips as the core. The first-mover advantage of the third-generation semiconductor materials, epitaxial chips, equipment manufacturing, packaging, and application of the entire industry chain of UV optoelectronics industry clusters. In this competition, Zhongke Lu’an, as the organizer, will also give full play to the role of the industry leader, take the lead in participating in the upgrade of the high-quality entrepreneurial projects participating in the competition in terms of originality, originality, leadership, etc., and help UV LED entrepreneurship. The upgrade of the project will provide strong technical, research and development, supporting services and other aspects of support for accelerating the construction of the ecological closed loop of Changzhi UV LED.

At the same time, Changzhi City has also issued special support policies for UV LED companies. All participating projects that meet the policy requirements can enjoy these policy bonuses, including but not limited to standardized factories and supporting facilities for enterprises, tax contribution incentives, and key equipment support. , Reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and provide strong financial support such as fund support. For example, equipment investment-investment support is given to new or expansion projects in key links such as materials, substrates, epitaxy, chips, packaging, and applications in the UV LED industry, and 50% support for MOCVD equipment investment-investment; other single units (sets) Equipment investment – 30% support for those with an investment of more than 10 million yuan. At the same time, a Changzhi Ultraviolet LED Industry Development Fund with a total amount of not less than 10 billion yuan has been established. The first phase of the fund will reach 1 billion yuan, and the development of outstanding ultraviolet LED enterprises will be supported through market-oriented operations. For major projects with an investment of more than 300 million yuan in fixed assets, Changzhi will also provide entrepreneurs with special policy support, etc. Make every effort to empower the development of enterprises in the UV LED industry.

It can be said that this competition is an important starting point for Changzhi to gather UV LED enterprises and talents and build a UV LED ecosystem. Through the competition platform, a group of high-level talents and teams will be brought to Changzhi to take root in Changzhi and help Changzhi to build a new entrepreneurial highland for the UV LED industry with high quality. The competition will eventually screen out the successful finalists through the preliminary round and the semi-finals, and finally conduct an offline final roadshow in Changzhi. At that time, according to the on-site roadshow performance of the project, there will be 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 3 third prizes. and present awards to the winning projects on the spot. The event will also rely on the ecological advantages of Changzhi UV LED, and gather resources such as domestic well-known industry experts, entrepreneurial mentors, investment institutions, etc., to provide a display and exchange platform for excellent entrepreneurial projects, and accelerate the industrialization of projects.


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