Recently, huiniu technology, a supplier of AR / VR display module, released the latest ultra-thin VR optical module VR ultrathin (referred to as UT). The thickness of the whole module is only 20mm, the measured monocular FOV is 105 °, and can support 2.1-inch screen (single screen resolution 1600 * 1600).

Vr-ut adopts optical resin, with a monocular weight of only 19g, and supports diopter adjustment of 0 ~ 1000. The weight of the split VR glasses designed based on this product is expected to be controlled within 100g and the light efficiency will reach 20%.

The traditional VR optical module scheme has a long focal length, resulting in very bulky volume. The overall weight is generally 300g, and the head display length is 50mm. Using huiniu VR optical module scheme, the thickness of head display can be reduced to 26mm or less. Reduce the bulky VR “helmet” to a pair of VR “Sunglasses”.

At present, the common problem of ultra short focus VR module is that due to the principle of folding optical path, ultra short focus VR will produce ghosting compared with traditional VR optics. The vr-ut module of huiniu technology has greatly improved the ghosting problem, and the ghosting value is less than 10% (ghosting gray / main image gray).

According to IDC data, in the first quarter of 2019, the shipment of VR head display equipment in China was close to 270000 units. It is expected that by 2023, the shipment of VR head display equipment in China will exceed 10 million units. From the perspective of technical trend development, the 10 million units are expected to adopt ultra short focus VR optical modules. Ultra thin VR optical module is expected to set off a new round of explosive point of VR.

There is no doubt that ultrashort focus has become a development trend at present, because VR will certainly develop in the direction of miniaturization and portability in the future. Zou bin of BOE’s VR & AR Strategy Department once said: “the ultra short focus optical scheme is a threshold that is difficult to bypass for the miniaturization of VR equipment. It is of great significance to improve the wearing experience. It will become one of the important development directions in the VR field in the future.”

At present, huiniu vr-ut optical module has been internally evaluated by Skyworth, Yijing and other famous companies in the VR field and received good feedback. At present, the scheme has reached the ready state of mass production, and the monthly production capacity can reach 50K binoculars.


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