The Internet of things is combining with artificial intelligence (AI) to develop towards super automation. Anson semiconductor’s rsl10 intelligent camera platform embodies this concept, providing vision based AI for edge to realize automatic object recognition and scene change. Rsl10 intelligent camera platform is designed to support battery powered intelligent imaging applications. It is portable and ultra-low power consumption. It can capture images when related events are triggered, and provide edge to cloud connection for intelligent image monitoring solutions. It is suitable for asset management, intelligent building, industrial automation, intelligent agriculture and other fields.


Figure: rsl10 intelligent camera platform

Key features of rsl10 intelligent camera platform

1) Event triggered imaging

In any vision based solution, most of the time, camera output will not directly bring useful information, and continuous analysis of these images will greatly consume processing power, network bandwidth and power consumption. We add acceleration sensor, motion sensor and low-power temperature and humidity sensor to allow users to set the trigger conditions of single or multiple sensors, and capture images only when events trigger, so as to significantly reduce the total power consumption of the system.

2) Ultra low power consumption

The devices used in the platform basically have the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, such as the industry’s lowest power consumption Bluetooth (ble) system single chip (SOC) rsl10, single frame 3 MW arx3a0 image sensor, optimized battery management circuit, Sunplus it IOT camera image signal processor (ISP), so that the battery life is more than one year.

Rsl10 is the key to the platform. It is a multi protocol radio SOC with the lowest power consumption in the industry and supports Bluetooth 5.0. It supports low-power Bluetooth and multiple 2.4 GHz proprietary protocols. It provides advanced wireless functions and achieves the lowest power consumption in the industry (62.5 NW in deep sleep mode and 7 MW in receive mode). Rsl10 is the highest EEMBC in the industry ® ULPMark ™ Score (1090 ulpmark CP @ 3 V; 1260 @ 2.1 V), compact size, power supply voltage range of 1.1 to 3.3 V, adopting precision dual core architecture, 384 K flash memory, supporting analog and digital dual interface, compatible with various sensor protocols, integrating aes128 encryption features to protect data security, supporting online firmware update (FOTA).

Rsl10 has a variety of packaging forms, and has been widely used in automotive, medical and other high demand applications. In rsl10 intelligent camera platform, rsl10 system level package (SIP) is used. Rsl10 SIP integrates the complete antenna scheme, power management, filtering and other passive components into a 6 x 8 x 1.46 mm micro package, and has passed the certification system of the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. It does not need additional RF design, plug and play, and is easy to design and import into any intelligent wireless interconnection application.


Figure: rsl10 internal architecture

3) Excellent image perception

The arx3a0 is a 1 / 10 inch black-and-white image sensor, which is very suitable for machine vision based applications. It can achieve global shutter performance at 360 frames per second, greatly reducing the motion blur in the image. Near infrared technology provides excellent low light level characteristics, and its compact shape (55 x 65 mm) is very suitable for imaging applications requiring space.

4) Edge to cloud connection

In addition to the hardware suite, Anson semiconductor also provides mobile app for the platform, which can connect and communicate through ble, and provide edge to cloud connection for cameras. The platform uses Amazon cloud artificial intelligence (AI) engine for image recognition.

USB power supply or battery power supply can be selected

In rsl10 intelligent camera platform, image sensor and image processor are set on different power supply rails to improve the overall performance of the system. Rsl10 can turn off the imaging system when it is not needed and trigger when it is needed to wake up the imaging system.


Figure: rsl10 intelligent camera platform block diagram

How does rsl10 intelligent camera platform work?

Users use app to set sensor trigger conditions. Before triggering, the image sensor and image processor remain powered off to reduce power consumption. After triggering, the image sensor and image processor will capture the image, and then transmit the image to the mobile phone through ble. The program on the mobile end acts as the camera gateway. Users can view the image on app for further analysis, It can also be sent to the cloud for image recognition. The app can be downloaded from the Android and IOS app stores.

The system can also be set as an industrial Internet of things gateway. The gateway can manage the network access equipment of the camera, and also send the collected images to the cloud for analysis. Users can control the camera through the mobile application, and can also control the camera remotely through the cloud and gateway.

Battery performance of rsl10 intelligent camera platform

Battery life mainly depends on the use of the camera. We used a 1700 Ma lithium battery for testing. As shown in the figure, the x-axis represents the number of pictures taken by the camera in a day, the y-axis represents the battery life in days, and the red line represents the average current consumption in each case. If the rsl10 smart camera takes about 100 pictures in a day, the 1700 Ma battery can support it for a whole year; If only one picture is taken every day, the platform can be used for nearly three years without using external power supply.


Figure: battery life test

Use cases

Rsl10 intelligent camera platform is compact in shape and ultra-low in power consumption. It has excellent imaging performance, ble connection function and environmental perception ability. It is suitable for various applications with high requirements for battery life, portability and detection space, including but not limited to:

1) Cabin monitoring: parents can use mobile phones to monitor the health of the children in the back seat. There is no need for continuous monitoring, but to monitor when needed or periodically, such as when a child wakes from sleep. The camera can be easily placed in the back seat without additional power cord or display system

2) Helmet Camera: can monitor the safety of factory workers. The sensor data is automatically recorded according to the event conditions, and an alarm is given when the worker falls

3) Empty shelf detection: a small camera can be installed on the aisle of the shelf to detect out of stock, and regularly send pictures to the Internet or cloud, and the shop assistant will receive the purchase notice regularly

4) Automatic meter reading: in some cases, the transformation of the old meter will bring a lot of additional costs. Using rsl10 intelligent camera to refit the existing meter can be used to read and upload

5) Shopping cart scanning: helps stores manage inventory at checkout and ensure that all items on the shopping cart are accounted for

6) Greenhouse monitoring: used to monitor crops according to environmental conditions


Rsl10 intelligent camera platform enables engineers to build machine vision cameras with ultra-low power consumption, small size and event triggering, which are suitable for asset management, intelligent building, industrial automation, intelligent agriculture and other fields. The platform brings together a number of innovations of Anson semiconductor, including rsl10 sip, which provides ultra-low power ble technology, and 360 frames per second (FPS) black-and-white imaging module based on arx3a0 CMOS image sensor, supplemented by advanced motion and environment sensors, power supply and battery management, for automatic image capture and object recognition. Anson semiconductor also provides all relevant documents and tools, including start guide, user manual, software manual, ready-made kit, BOM, schematic diagram, IDE, mobile app, CMSIS pack, etc., to help engineers speed up development.

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