Forest fire is a kind of serious natural disaster, which is fast, sudden and destructive. However, it is very difficult to deal with the disaster relief. Last month, California mountain fire in the United States caused heavy casualties and losses. Let’s pay more attention to how to prevent and extinguish forest fire.

At present, our country is in the autumn and winter forest fire prevention period, because this time the climate is relatively dry, less precipitation, there is another reason, the fuel load under the forest is large, litter is more, dry and flammable, now it is in the harvest period, the frequency of people in and out of the forest should be increased, so the hidden danger of human fire is prominent. The above three factors result in the heavy task of forest fire prevention in autumn and winter every year in China.

UAV technology highlights its importance in forest fire control

As an emerging force of forest fire fighting, UAV shows incomparable advantages compared with other traditional equipment. UAV has the advantages of low cost, low take-off and landing requirements, all-weather and ultra-low altitude observation cruise, and flexible mobility. By carrying different PTZ equipment, UAV can play a role in the monitoring, prevention, fighting and post disaster evaluation of forest fire, Three dimensional prevention and control plays an important role.

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