When using UAV for the first time, we must choose the lawn with no shelter within 50 meters of the open position. Djigo4 will be downloaded from Dajiang UAV Royal Series in mobile application products. After successful installation and registration, take the UAV for flight test.

Come to the flight test site, remove the transparent buckle and install the blade. Do not bring paddles for indoor connection. Do not fly indoors, on the top of buildings or over densely populated areas! Visual positioning and obstacle avoidance are invalid at night. Novices are not recommended to fly at night or in poor light environment. Keep away from branches, antennas, bridges, etc. The compass must be calibrated before take-off and the return point has been refreshed. More than 9 satellites and more than 4 signals will fly again. The flight environment must be excellent.

The battery and remote control of Dajiang UAV can only be turned on and off after a short press and a long press (hold for 3 seconds). Xiao spark needs to connect to the WiFi at the beginning of spark. The password is 12341234. Xiao’s single electric password is in the cabin. The Royal system connects the mobile device through the short line on the left side of the remote control. Oppo and vivo mobile phone manufacturers do not have a reverse data cable, so you need to plug your mobile phone’s charging cable into the USB port below the remote control (Mini has no lower USB port, so you need a reverse cable)

UAV takeoff conditions and flight precautions

Android mobile phone attention, please fly with full power, otherwise connect the remote control, Android will reverse charge. After entering the app, you will be prompted to have three options, select the bottom “charge only”. After the machine is successfully connected and enters the app, there is a prompt for updating the database. You can skip it and select “start flying” after it.

Pre flight inspection is particularly important, blade installation direction: the white circle blade corresponds to the white circle mark motor, Dajiang UAV is installed by pressing and then screwing; the later equipped blade must use the original blade. Pay attention to the front and back of the blade when installing the mini. Be sure to check the blade’s firmness again before flying.

Be sure to calibrate the compass before flying, and then fly after “the return point has been refreshed”. Do not calibrate near asphalt roads, bridges or places with large interference, observe app prompt at any time, and land in time in case of abnormality. After 3-5 times of use or long-distance transportation, it is necessary to calibrate the IMU of the machine and the shift lever of the remote control to ensure the stability of the machine.

The flight distance is mainly determined by the environment, generally ranging from several hundred meters to one or two kilometers. In places where the interference is relatively large, the picture transmission may get stuck after several hundred meters. The height should not be too high. It is controlled by the state. The signal above the head is the worst. If you fly far away and keep 120 meters high, the distance of image transmission will be increased. The front end of the remote control is the image transmission module, which should always be aligned with the direction of the machine. No flight is allowed in the military facilities near the airport. Please follow the local laws and regulations.

UAV battery preparation and maintenance, charging the UAV battery and remote control, Royal series remote control charging to unplug the left short line, plug in the Android data cable charging; battery manager is charging one by one, not at the same time. The battery needs to be cooled before it can be charged. Full power lights off (Mini full power lights all on, no flash), keep full power flight. In winter, the battery should be preheated to 15 ℃ or above before flying. If the battery power is less than 10%, the battery will be damaged. Please charge it in time. Complete charge and discharge of battery 2-3 times a month, 40% power storage. Before each flight, it is necessary to keep the battery fully charged. “Full throttle for a long time”, “battery not used for a long time” and “low battery power” will lead to low voltage alarm of the machine, and the machine will slow down or even explode. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the battery fully charged flight, such as landing in a stable position.

To view the shooting content, you can view the shooting content in the “editor” of the mobile app. If you can’t view the shooting video after shooting, you can import the content of the SD card in the upper left corner of the editor, or you can use the card reader to view the HD shooting material in the computer (the real-time image transmission definition is not the most HD shooting, you need to take a real shot to view the content of the card)

Key points

1. Choose open environment flight, UAV battery, remote control, mobile phone full power. There are more than 9 satellites in the upper right corner of app and more than 4 signals.

2. Be sure to calibrate the compass for each flight, and wait until the prompt “return point has been refreshed”. Check the installation of blades before starting the machine.

3. Take a look at the return time of the battery setting, which is generally the remaining 20 to 30 percent.

4. The height setting of the return point must be 10 meters to 20 meters higher than the highest object nearby. If it is set too high, it will cost electricity. If it is too low, it will hit the object nearby

5. Novices do not recommend flying at night, lack of light, visual positioning will be invalid, will lead to machine drift and blow up.

6. Observe the abnormal prompt in the upper left corner of app at any time, and return in time if there is any abnormality.

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