Airlines use UAV detection systems to protect themselves from industrial espionage. The system is also used to protect senior politicians and entrepreneurs.

Recently in Frankfurt, the discovery of a drone at the airport has led to many cancellations.

In London Heathrow airport and Gatwick Airport, the UAV defense system for early detection and positioning of UAV is installed, but the German airport is struggling. “As far as we know, there is no suitable technology for comprehensive detection and defense in urban areas,” said Frankfurt Airport Company, the operator of Frankfurt Airport, which had been paralyzed again by UAVs.

There are many systems that can effectively locate UAVs and their pilots, some of which have been tried and tested for many years. You can then notify the security agency in a few minutes. After all, flight cancellations caused by witnessing drones are not only troublesome for passengers, but also for airlines. If the drone pilot is not a troublemaker but a terrorist, then this kind of situation is very dangerous.

UAV leads to the paralysis of the airport, and finding the UAV pilot is the fundamental solution

Finding UAV pilots is the fundamental solution

“Detecting drones is a responsibility. The shortcut is to find the pilot, “said magenta drohnenschutzschild, product manager at T-Systems, a German telecommunications company.. Each drone carries a fingerprint that is broadcast over the radio. Data from countless drones is stored in a database. They range from Norway’s “black hornet”, which weighs only 18 grams, to AVIC’s nearly 12 meter long “Yonglong 1”, a Chinese supplier.

By the way, drones transmit fingerprints as the pilot prepares to take off.

Pilot location and UAV authorization

Only after the UAV has been identified can the second step be carried out. Then, the pilot who controls the plane becomes the target. This requires two or three devices to detect the direction of the signal. Coordinates are sent to police or factory security, who can then search for illegal pilots and (temporarily) arrest them.

It is also possible to hijack drones by breaking into the remote control. So you can take the plane away from the outside. However, this is not allowed by law. Such external intervention in UAV control needs to be approved by the responsible security agency.

UAV fighters compete at airports

In 2016, some UAV pilots were invited to the tanheim Airport South of Ulm to participate in the UAV defense competition. They include dedrones from the United States, droneshield from Australia, squarehead technology from Norway, Rohde & Schwarz and Airbus dselectronics border security (EBS). Dedrones from the United States won the crown. Telekom has been offering this service for some time. In addition, companies use it to prevent industrial espionage. The defense system is also used to protect senior personnel from drone attacks.

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