For a long time, the problems of heavy environmental monitoring tasks and wide regional coverage have been the difficulties of eco-environmental protection in many cities. By setting the flight area and flight route through UAV technology, it can detect and fully cover the smoke and pollutants discharged by pollutant discharge units in the set area. At present, it has been widely used in many places.

01. UAV – the “third eye” of environmental protection supervision

UAV is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control device. It has the advantages of small volume, low cost, convenient use and strong environmental adaptability. Based on artificial intelligence, video technology and embedded technology, UAV also has great development in tracking and positioning, digital transmission and real-time monitoring. It is applied in the environmental protection supervision market “Air law enforcement” can effectively improve the environmental monitoring efficiency and ability of environmental protection law enforcement departments.

It is reported that when environmental law enforcement personnel use UAVs to carry out “air law enforcement”, they can take aerial three-dimensional panorama of the monitoring area, objectively and clearly present it on the display, and carry out dynamic tracking and environmental inspection of each functional area from a high-altitude perspective; The airborne gas detector detects various characteristic pollution parameters in the atmosphere, obtains the real-time data of various pollutants in the air, takes photos and locates the polluting enterprises, so that there is no place to hide the illegal discharge and illegal discharge, further improves the crackdown on environmental violations, and effectively protects our environmental safety.

At present, UAV is more and more widely used in air reconnaissance, video surveillance, electronic jamming, military anti submarine, entertainment video and audio and other fields. Based on the various technical demands of the market and customers for its intelligence, networking and IP, North China industrial control has professional computer hardware to act as the technical carrier of UAV central control system.

02. North China industrial control – UAV computer product scheme

North China industrial control believes that as the “third eye” of environmental protection supervision, relevant manufacturers must have high requirements for embedded computer hardware in terms of video encoding and decoding ability, computing power, network connectivity and so on. Therefore, the series of industrial control boards built by the company based on intelligent “core” platforms such as Hisilicon, Intel and Feiteng meet the needs of most customers.

UAV launched "air law enforcement" in the environmental protection supervision market, assisted by North China industrial control product scheme

North China industrial control has arm architecture core board with small volume, high integration and high expansibility, which can be applied to UAV Ground Control System. The product is an expansion backplane of embedded motherboard developed and customized for arm. Through 314pin mxm3.0 golden finger expansion function IO interface, it can provide rich function expansion, VGA / LVDS / HDMI display, rich interfaces, support audio / video / graphics input and output and power amplifier functions, and can meet various technical demands of UAV.

Huabei industrial control can provide modular embedded board scheme for UAV flight control system. The product adopts Hisilicon and Intel multi-core heterogeneous processors with powerful core performance, integrates 3D graphics unit and ultra-high definition audio / video / graphics codec processing engine, supports LAN, 3G / 4G and WiFi wireless connection, has multi stream real-time codec capability, supports high-speed storage, highly integrated functions, low power consumption, high stability and high reliability, and is tailored for network IP video monitoring system, It can be widely used in monitoring IP cameras, motion cameras, intelligent access control, aerial UAVs and other industries.

With the wide application of UAV in military industry, environmental protection and other special fields, the market scale of consumer UAV is also expanding. In order to meet the huge demand of most customers for UAV computer hardware, North China industrial control will also launch more leading embedded computer product solutions.

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