Airborne geophysics detection technology is a high-tech technology connecting geophysical exploration technology with aviation technology. Among them, aeromagnetic measurement is the earliest, most mature and most used magnetic measurement method in aerogeophysical exploration.

China’s airborne geophysical exploration was first carried out in 1953, and aeromagnetic measurement was also used at the beginning. From person exploration to no person exploration, we have gone through more than half a century of trials and hardships.

Aeromagnetic measurement, as the name suggests, is to load the aeromagnetometer and its supporting auxiliary development on the aircraft, measure the geomagnetic field intensity or gradient according to the preset survey line and height above the measurement area, and analyze the measurement data, so as to discuss the underground geological structure and look for minerals.

Compared with the traditional ground magnetic survey, the aeromagnetic survey is not subject to the scope of terrain terms, and is subject to high, low cost, convenient for large-area responsibilities and large detection depth. However, the old-fashioned aeromagnetic measurement development has the advantages of large size, heavy weight, generous price, and high demand for the style and accuracy of the flight platform. Therefore, most of them use manned flight platforms such as fixed wing, helicopter and power delta wing, which have high shape, high cost, great harm, high flight height, and low farewell rate and accuracy of the data obtained.

In October this year, a helicopter crashed in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. The helicopter is implementing an airborne geophysical exploration project, and the two pilots on board died.

Every step of the improvement of the aviation geophysical exploration industry is written with the bitterness and blood and tears of our ancestors. We can’t help sighing that every accident is the fragmentation of a family, but their dedication and dedication will be engraved in our hearts for a long time, and we will take it as a beacon to make continuous progress.

Aeromagnetic measurement is an urgent skill in the field of geophysics. However, due to the high cost of manned flight platform, frequent accidents and low effect accuracy, we have to reconsider what is the future of aerogeophysical exploration industry?

In April 2019, at the request of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the vertical and horizontal Dapeng deceived the CW-10 Dapeng UAV and fluxgate probe to integrate a set of aeromagnetic fabrication, which is also the first set of aerogeophysical exploration fabrication based on straight take-off and landing fixed wing UAV in China.

UAV aeromagnetic survey helps aerial geophysical exploration from people to no people

“Because the UAV aerial survey and fabricated flight can be held at a distance of 100 meters from the surface, which weakens the influence of the magnetic unyielding homogeneous body on the surface. It may as well reflect the magnetic field characteristics of the deep geological body more and more, and the effect is also the best.”

“At that time, we integrated the magnetometer into the work warehouse of CW-10 Dapeng UAV, which was not only convenient for disassembly and assembly, but also in place.” Controlling the idea, Zhou Gong told Youbian, “coupled with the self-developed accumulation algorithm, it has greatly popularized the accuracy of the three-axis vector high-precision magnetometer, greatly reduced the fabrication noise, and has become a sharp weapon in the UAV geophysical prospecting mall.”

UAV aeromagnetic survey helps aerial geophysical exploration from people to no people

Although the fluxgate probe has small specific force and high integration, it has low agility and low precision.

The vertical and horizontal ROC is creating in the endless pursuit. The optical pump probe with high agility not only has higher accuracy in data acquisition, but also if combined with the accumulation of fluxgate fabrication action, the consequences of all fabrication will be greatly popularized.

At present, many people in the mall are cesium optical pumps, and rubidium optical pumps have been shown in recent years. “According to our skill test, we finally selected rubidium optical pump integration with higher accuracy and better mapping results.” Zhou Gong tells Youbian.

With cw-15 Dapeng UAV action flying platform, equipped with rubidium light pump high-precision aeromagnetic measuring instrument and 42 million pixel orthophoto aerial survey camera, Zongheng Dapeng can not only obtain high-precision geomagnetic data, but also collect high farewell rate Orthophoto Image data at the same time, which is convenient for later data analysis and judgment.

“This is the lightest light pump airborne geophysical exploration fabrication based on the straight take-off and landing fixed wing flying platform in China and probably the whole universe. It will be useful to fill the really useful large field of domestic unmanned aerial geophysical exploration fabrication.”

Zhou Gong told Youbian that cw-15 optical pump aeromagnetic fabrication can provide useful information and explanation effect for mineral resources exploration and evaluation, marine geological exploration, engineering geology and situation exploration, root geology and consultation.

“This set of aeromagnetic measurement and fabrication, from software communication to hardware integration, is deeply mediated on the cw-15 Dapeng UAV flying platform, providing industry users with a one-stop management plan for aeromagnetic and aerial survey. I firmly believe that it will become the light of science and technology in the industry.” Zhou Gong said with determination.

UAV action is a hot instrument in recent years, and there is no need to elaborate on its sweetness. The aerial geophysical survey can not only measure the high quality and flexibility of the aerial geophysical survey, but also expand the useful scope of the aerial geophysical survey with low cost and flexibility.

“The equipment is to make users easy to use and easy to use. It is concluded that it is the general trend of aviation geophysical exploration fabrication in the future that it is impersonal, young and intelligent.”

After hearing what Zhou Gong said, Youbian realized that maybe cw-007 UAV will also launch optical pump aeromagnetic fabrication soon?


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