Remember the "brain booster" in the old movie "San Mao's Army"? The U.S. military is equipped. According to the British "Jane's Defense Weekly" report on the 29th, Halo Neuroscience of the United States said that the company is currently cooperating with the U.S. military to test the use of "transcranial direct current stimulation" (TDCS) technology from Promote the recovery of wounded soldiers and expand to tactical training. The technology is said to have the potential to enhance soldiers' reflexes in close combat.

Halo sports earphones are now mature commercial products

Halo Neurotech will cooperate with 3M to apply the technology of the Halo sports headset to the standard tactical communication headset of the US military for soldiers to use

Soldier using Peltor headset

"Brain Booster"!

The news was said to have been revealed recently at the Special Operations Forces and Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Florida, where the company is said to be working with US-based 3M to integrate Halo Sports headset technology into the latter's tactical communications headsets , this equipment has been provided to special forces for close-quarter indoor combat.

The "Halo Motion" headset is said to emit a weak, controlled direct current to directly stimulate a soldier's motor neuron cells, which will make the brain respond faster and more efficiently – currently such equipment has been provided to 3rd, Used by the 7th and 10th Special Operations Groups, as well as the Navy's 1st and 2nd Special Operations Groups and Special Development Groups (DEVGRU).

halo sport earphones have been sold in various markets around the world and used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts

The "Halo Motion" headset can enhance the activity of motor neurons, making them in a "high plasticity" and "high learning" state. The system is currently being used to help special forces soldiers recover from trauma and help them manage pain. In the future, the system will improve the speed of learning skills and improve the effectiveness of physical endurance training.

Halo Neurotech also claims that they are considering the possibility of expanding the Halo Motion system to a variety of user terminals, including smartphones.

The company says the system has improved their training by 13 percent when tested with the U.S. Olympic ski team.

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