Given the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), an infinite amount of content (data) is now created, stored and processed at the edge. Edge servers provide control over large volumes of locally-generated data, and while quick access to this data is critical for small and medium businesses, until recently, entry-level (affordable) servers did not provide the features they needed.

Today, however, entry-level 1U servers in a very small footprint offer a high level of computing power, ease of use, scalability and low power consumption. Housed in a very small flat box, they include the core processor, storage, memory slots, ports and interfaces, as well as multiple connectivity options to handle field processing, storage and IoT device management.

However, creating storage at the edge is not without its challenges. Entry-level storage that combines adequate performance, small footprint, and good support at a reasonable cost will take time.

Smaller but powerful solution

Edge machine learning, data center, high performance computing (HPC), and AI workloads involve large datasets on large distributed computing clusters. The recently released TYAN Thunder CX GX38-B5550 1U compact server offers several advantages in this area, including shorter depth compared to competing solutions. For example, in most server chassis designs and the servers used in them, 1U is equivalent to 1.7 inches high, 19 inches wide, and 17.7 inches deep. By comparison, the TYAN GX38-5550 measures 1.75 inches high, 16.9 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. The server is optimized for Micro-ATX motherboards and also provides manageability features to ease the burden on users.

Other features of the server include support for two 3.5-inch internal Serial ATA (SATA) drive bays for edge computing, four Gigabit Ethernet LANs, one FH/HL PCIe Gen.3 x8 slot, and a 250W power supply .

At the heart of the GX38-B5550 server is the newer Intel Xeon E-2200 series processors, delivering professional-grade performance, security, reliability and affordability. The platform has the potential to provide real-time analytics through large memory capacity, enhanced I/O capabilities and the latest SSD storage technology. The top-end Intel 8-core Xeon E-2200 processor has about 25% more computing power than the top-end Intel 6-core Xeon E-2100. 16 threads and up to 5-GHz Intel Turbo Boost Technology, combined with up to 128 GB of DDR4 2666 ECC memory support, provide TYAN customers with unmatched performance in large file processing, storage and virtualization.

While the Thunder CX GX38-B5550 is geared towards IoT applications, TYAN's second product, the Thunder CX GT24E-B5556, is more of an entry-level solution. This is a 1U server designed with a single socket Intel Xeon E-2200 microprocessor. As an edge-based server, it is ideal for cost-effective cloud-based gaming applications.

Both solutions described here offer enhanced performance in a compact package. The result is nearly twice the computing power of previous similar form factors and without the thermal issues that have plagued small form factor solutions before.

Reviewing Editor: Guo Ting

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