September 9, 2021 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focusing on introducing new products and providing massive inventory, will stock Sensirion’s sek-ld20-0600l and sek-ld20-2600b liquid flow assessment kits from now on. These two kits allow engineers to quickly and easily evaluate the adoption of Sensirion proprietary CMOS ENS ® The ld20-0600l and ld20-2600b liquid flow sensor functions of technology are ideal for evaluating biomedical equipment, advanced infusion therapy and wearable drug delivery equipment.

Sek-ld20-0600l and sek-ld20-2600b kits each contain three liquid flow sensors, three ld20 base stations and PC software. In addition, the Sensirion scc1-usb sensor cable needs to be purchased separately to realize plug and play connection with the PC end.

Ld20-0600l liquid flow sensor provides two-way measurement of ultra-low flow rate up to 20 ml / h and is equipped with Ruhr lock accessories, while ld20-2600b liquid flow sensor provides two-way flow rate measurement up to 1000 ml / h and adopts barb accessories. Both sensors can also detect common faults with unprecedented speed and sensitivity, such as blockage, incomplete air discharge in the duct or free flow of liquid. In addition, the medical grade wetting material of the sensor has excellent chemical resistance and medium compatibility.

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