Using bits to drive watts is one of 5g’s dreams to change the society. Whether 5g can be successfully applied in the power field is related to whether 5g’s mission to change the society can be realized. With the joint efforts of 5g industry experts and power industry experts, the application of 5g combined with the power field is constantly enriching and maturing, overcoming the challenges in technology, standards, business models and other aspects, and the dream of bit driven watt is coming true.

Initial progress has been made in 5g business of power grid

5g has a wide range of applications in the power field and runs through the whole process of power grid “power generation, transmission and transformation allocation”, such as distribution network differential protection, distribution network automation three remote control, distribution network PMU, advanced metering, emergency communication, robot patrol inspection, UAV line patrol inspection, smart construction site, video monitoring, etc. The application of 5g in these scenarios has greatly enhanced the communication capacity of the power grid and improved the operation efficiency of the power grid, providing an important guarantee for the intelligent operation of the power grid.

5g power virtual private network provides reliable wireless access

Power grid enterprises and operators jointly build 5g power virtual private network, which can provide reliable wireless communication access means for various power grid businesses. Based on the concept of “dedicated public network, open capacity, decentralization and domain division”, through the 5g unified capacity open platform of telecom operators, the corresponding 5g industry virtual private network services and management capabilities can be opened to the power grid, mainly including 5g power slices, power dedicated network elements (such as upf/mec), power communication terminals, visibility, manageability and controllability of service SLAs, fault delimitation and rapid fault recovery capabilities.

In Zhejiang, State Grid Zhejiang electric power company and operators have jointly built a 5g power virtual private network, which includes wireless public network (wireless, bearer, core network, operation management platform) and power private network (power private core network element, power internal network, 5g power integrated management platform, main and sub station business system, etc.). State Grid Zhejiang electric power company completed the deployment of power 5g SA core network user plane equipment with three operators in the provincial company side communication machine room, including power dedicated UPF equipment and mec server, realizing the user plane sinking of 5g SA network core layer. Core network elements such as AMF and SMF adopt 5gc public resources of operators.

In Henan, State Grid Henan electric power company has also carried out research and application of 5g virtual private network, 5g+ UHV, 5g+ distribution network and other construction modes on the basis of integrating the application requirements of power grid business, and widely carried out pilot scenario construction in Zhengzhou, Hebi, Xuchang and other regions. In the direction of 5g power virtual private network, Henan electric power actively explores the construction mode of 5g Park private network. In April, 2019, in Zhengzhou Guandu substation, State Grid Henan electric power company built the first 500 kV substation power dedicated base station in China. The joint operator of State Grid Henan electric power company has realized the full coverage of 5g network of three UHV stations in the province, and further built the special network of UHV 5g park by deploying the special MEC for power.

5g power slice has been demonstrated

Slicing has become an important starting point for 5g enabling industry applications. In Shandong, the province has begun to build a 5g power slicing network, build a provincial production control region slicing, and prepare to carry out local power plant access, distributed power generation access (power load forecasting) and electric vehicle access (power source network load flexible scheduling). State Grid Qingdao power supply company also expanded the pilot of distribution network differential protection in Jiaozhou Shanghe demonstration zone, expanded the application of scene automation, and carried out 5g communication tests for local power plants and distributed power sources.

5g base station and substation co construction and sharing achieved initial results

The joint construction and sharing of 5g base stations and substations has achieved preliminary results. In the Qingyu DC UHV South Henan converter station infrastructure project, State Grid Henan electric power company realized the simultaneous planning and construction of 5g infrastructure and substation, which not only reduced the high cost of rebuilding stations for tower companies and operators in the later stage, but also made 5g play a leading role in the application of UHV smart construction sites, providing an effective means for safe operation management and control.

Real time return of UAV patrol inspection

In recent years, in order to reduce the intensity of transmission line inspection, the State Grid began to popularize UAV line inspection on a large scale. The accurate navigation based on the electric Beidou ground enhanced base station can achieve real-time centimeter level accuracy. Through track planning, the UAV can patrol the whole process of automatic flight. State Grid Qingdao power supply company has realized the 5g SA network data high-speed transmission module that can be carried by UAV for the first time in China, realizing the real-time return of UAV video and image on 5g slice network, reducing the overall time of data dump operation by 98% to ensure the safety of patrol data transmission.

Intelligent operation and maintenance improves power grid operation efficiency

5g has played an important role in improving the automation efficiency of power grid and realizing intelligent operation and maintenance. For example, in terms of 5g+ precise load control, the State Grid Qingdao power supply company has realized the precise load control system, focusing on solving the problems such as the rapid drop in frequency at the initial stage of power grid failure, the out of limit power flow on the main roads, the over use of power on inter provincial tie lines, and the insufficient rotating reserve of the power grid.

During the implementation of the precise load control system project, the cost and construction problems caused by a large number of load control terminals accessing the control network are encountered. XJ Group will connect the decentralized load control terminals to 5g network through power communication terminals, and complete the 5g based accurate load control verification in the laboratory and pilot sites. The measured delay indicators meet expectations, are better than the wireless private network test indicators, and have the implementation conditions.

Facing the future intelligent operation and maintenance, in 2021, State Grid Jiangsu electric power company plans to carry out in-depth verification of power 5g application in Nanjing Jiangbei new area around the intelligent operation and maintenance of power transmission and transformation, power grid dispatching control and other businesses, such as verifying the wide area protection standby channel based on the application mode of hybrid dedicated point-to-point business; Verify the substation inspection robot based on the hybrid private network local area service application mode; Verify the networked UAV Based on the wide area service application mode of the virtual private network; Explore the co construction and sharing business model of edge data centers.

The power grid needs to cross two mountains to carry out 5g business

While achieving certain phased results, it should also be clearly recognized that the 5g technology research carried out by the power grid runs through the whole process of “generation, transmission, transformation and distribution” of the power grid, which not only has technical problems, but also involves the establishment of standard system, network security requirements, management mode and business mode. This is not only related to the power grid, but also involves external units such as telecom operators, equipment manufacturers and standards institutions. It is a complex systematic project. At present, it seems that there are mainly two mountains that need to be crossed.

First, the security of 5g chip carrying power business needs to be demonstrated by authorities. According to the security protection requirements of the power monitoring system, the business in the production control business area needs to reach the security protection intensity of physical isolation. Although 5g slicing technology has been optimized and improved compared with 4G in terms of security isolation, whether the end-to-end security isolation capability can meet the requirements of power security protection is still in the stage of theoretical analysis, and has not been evaluated and certified by a third-party authority.

Second, the cross industry 5g innovative business cooperation model has yet to be explored, and the tariff standard is far higher than expected. At present, 5g slicing technology is mainly in the stage of technical scheme and application verification. There are still great differences between operators and power enterprises on the charging mode and charging standard of dedicated slicing. The network rental fee of 5g power virtual private network is about 5 times that of 4G, and the cost has increased significantly, far exceeding the expectation.

In a word, 5g application in the power industry is still at the stage of technical pilot and commercial exploration. From the perspective of power grid application, it is imperative to formulate personalized standards for the application in the power industry and solve the bottleneck of deepening the application of 5g in the power industry. The industrial chain should also take active action to actively contribute to the exploration of new business models and the verification of 5g technology and power application adaptability.
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